printer and cables

  jospar 16:59 08 Aug 2003

I am now running two printers from my computer. My older all-in-one Lexmark x73, which is a usb 1.1 connection, and I've just brought a epson photo 900 printer which gives me the choice of usb or parallel cable.

My question is if I use parallel cable for connection on the Epson will this have a effect on my printing speed? or is it better to purchase another usb cable?

  Jester2K II 17:03 08 Aug 2003

Get another USB cable - only £2 and much faster.

  JIM 17:04 08 Aug 2003


  jospar 17:22 08 Aug 2003


Jester where do you get a £2 usb cable from, around here they about £9 for 1.1 and the 2's are between £15 and £20 quid?

  SantasLittleHelper 20:49 08 Aug 2003

Are there any computer fairs by you, always good prices there, failing that try usb cables at £1.49p

  mammak 21:10 08 Aug 2003

yes i agree with jospar where do you get a usb for £2 Jester2K II, i just bought 1.1 for £8, and that was only for the wee one,s z13 printer now am vexed, i am moving next to Jester i am folk,s lol,Mammak.

  SEASHANTY 21:45 08 Aug 2003

The last USB cables I purchased some time ago from Micro Direct (from their Manchester shop) and they were around £4-50 each. In various colours I might add. Yet this week in our local Poundland store they have USB cables 2M length (made in China) Only £1 as is all the other stuff they sell.

  Jester2K II 14:25 09 Aug 2003


USB Cables - - click here

1.8M £1.49 (+£0.95 P&P)

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