Printer - amber light - faulty cartridges?

  compumac 18:30 25 Sep 2008

I have Hewlett Packard printer that I have been using for many, many years and has provided good service using compatible cartridges - always from the same company. However there is a problem of late whereby when I insert a cartridge it prints for a few days and then the amber light on the printer comes on, which is an indication there is a fault with the cartridge. This has now happened on three successive occasions and whereas I put it down to faulty cartridges and the supplier has currently replaced the first one (I am awaiting a reply on the other two) I might very well be on the lookout for a replacement printer.
Current HP printer does not distinguish between HP cartridges and compatibles. I understand that more modern printers throw a wobbly upon insertion of compatible cartridges.
Comments anyone?

  Kevscar1 18:46 25 Sep 2008

My Epson states it doesn't recognise the compatible but I just press OK then take it out and reinsert it and it works.

  Technotiger 18:51 25 Sep 2008

My Epson R360 happily accepts compatible cartridges from click here

  compumac 19:45 25 Sep 2008

I have also the Epson R800 photo printer with eight cartridges for which I buy only genuine cartridges and it is used solely for photos whereas the HP has just one colour and one black cartridge is for general printing. The R360 is a photo printer and I only want another printer for day to day printing.

  alan2273 19:52 25 Sep 2008

I have an eight year old HP printer and always use compatables, if I get the amber light, I just switch it of and back on again and it clears and works OK.

  compumac 19:56 25 Sep 2008

That has worked for me in the past but the fault is now consistent.

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