KOGA 19:10 26 Jul 2008

Hello Everyone,

Please, could anyone advice me on the best printer to buy? Since there are so many out there and you do not know which to go for. My last Printer was HP digital copier 410. The spec. for the one I am looking for should be colour printer, digital copier, cheap and economical. Could be laser printer (Colour)

Many Thanks

  Ditch999 19:20 26 Jul 2008

Its a multifunction you want then, not just a printer? ie copy scan print (what about fax?)

Canon ones are quite good and cheap to buy and run.

  denboe 15:45 29 Jul 2008

I'm 100% behind Canon printers and scanners-can't fault them.

  palinka 11:40 30 Jul 2008

I agree, go for Canon.
But there are various schools of thought in this forum inc people who recommend Epson - which I wouldn't touch with a bargepole: seen too many problems that friends have with epson.
I'm on my second Canon (in approx 20 years) - it's an iP4300.

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