jessej 11:11 19 Sep 2004

I have a Lexmark X 86 Printer. Having just printed a few pages of text I find that it is now printing mainly in blue instead of black. I can' find out the raeson, an ideas welcome.

  Cuddles 11:47 19 Sep 2004

Have you checked the amount of ink left in the cartridges?

  jack 13:59 19 Sep 2004

tell us more about the printer- there are so many of them and cartridge configuration, that unless we a have personal knowledge of a particular model, it will be difficult to pin point the problem.

How many cartirdges 1x4 or 1x3 plus black
how old is the cartidge[s]
How much printing have you done with them?
Whilst you are sorting theses questin
go to the printer and simply take out the carts.
clean the contacts at the side/back and re insert properly.
Then Run the trst print prom the printer utilities.

  spuds 15:39 19 Sep 2004

Seems like the black cartridge requires replacing.Run a test sheet, and maintenance check.

  jessej 09:26 20 Sep 2004

OK, a few questions requiring answers.
Its a Lexmark All-in-one X85/X86. It has been performing satisfactory since buying it about 12 months ago.
There are two cartridges, one colour and one black (supposed to be)
The colour cartridge was changed about 2 months ago, the printer control panel (which sometimes lies) shows it 3/4 full.
And what could easily be the answer to the problem, the black cartridge was changed only last week, which, come to think of it, is when it first started printing in blue.
All required maintenance has been carried out, i.e. heads cleaned; realigned; test sheet printed, etc.
Though I may have hit on the cause of it myself, see above for the black cartridge, it does not explain why the headers at the top of pages, and the URL at the bottom print in black, its only the text in between.

  €dstowe 09:35 20 Sep 2004

Very often, even if there is a black cartridge installed and especially if there is colour amongst the block being printed, printers will manufacture black themselves from mixing inks the CYM cartridge. They also often use a colour to "tone" the black to produces a better effect. If you have an altered flow from one or more nozzles of a cartridge, you will get a bias towards a colour rather than a pure black.

  Wak 09:45 20 Sep 2004

Have you checked to see if the text in your document on screen is actually Black and has not been accidentally changed to Blue???

  jessej 09:52 20 Sep 2004

Many thanks for that, hopefully that is the answer, all I need do now is find the cure, or just sit back and hope it cures itself. I have noticed that there is an option to print just in black, i'll try that and see what happens.
On a very different matter, thank you for the advice you gave elsewhere on backing up. Actually it was the help pages that Powerless put on the forum, when I printed them was when it became obvious what the printer was doing.

  jessej 09:55 20 Sep 2004

Thank you wak, no I didn't. It never even occurred to me. Sometimes it is the most simple things.

  Wak 13:26 20 Sep 2004

The help pages from Powerless that you refer to are in fact printed in colour and your printer will therefore print them out in colour.
I suggest that you go to either File or Edit (depending upon your program), click on Select All and change the entire text to Black.
Your printer will then print it out in Black regardless of whether you have the "Black only " option ticked or not.

  jessej 13:52 20 Sep 2004

Right, that explains why it printed in blue, I know I'm going senile, looks like possibly colour blind as well seeing as I didn't notice that. Thank you for pointing it out to me, and for the other bit of advice.

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