Printable CD/R's

  ptrafc 22:45 31 Mar 2004

I've just tried to print onto what I thought were printable CD/R's. They're plain white discs which I bought in a spindle of 100. They do look a bit glossy, and the ink just turned into tiny blobs of ink which didn't dry and washed completely off under the tap.
Now I'm assuming they're not printables, and I should be looking for a disk with a matt surface for printing on. Is this correct?
Does anyone know the cheapest (without sacrificing quality) place to buy them?

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 22:50 31 Mar 2004

I always use Cd labels print my design on to them and recover the cd i find it easier.


  Diodorus Siculus 22:52 31 Mar 2004

Depends on what you are printing with. Is it special CD printable ink?

  ptrafc 23:03 31 Mar 2004

I've just bought an Epson Photo R300 today, you don't need any special ink, and one of its features is to print directly onto printable CD/R's.
I bought it so that I didn't have to mess about with CD labels, but I'm not having any luck with these disks I have with the shint white surface.

  woodchip 23:13 31 Mar 2004
  grumpano 23:14 31 Mar 2004

The same happend to me last night using my canon i865 and a shiny white disc.. You could try here

  jakimo 00:32 01 Apr 2004

Sample packs of inkjet printable discs........ click here

The Taiyo Yuden are very good!

  jakimo 00:46 01 Apr 2004

As inkjet ink is not waterproof you may want to use a cd spray on your discs,they also have a selection of printable here

  esbe 11:58 01 Apr 2004

Hi, try Verbatim DataLifePlus 700mb Cdr with 'Super AZO technology' whatever that is.They have a printable surface.

  edstowe 13:19 01 Apr 2004

There are two types of user-printable disks and to match two printing methods - ink jet or thermal transfer.

Most likely the ones that won't accept ink jet printing are designed for the thermal transfer method.

I believe the ink jet types are, however, printable by thermal methods.


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