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  [DELETED] 20:07 23 Aug 2004

I am looking for a printable disc that has a bigger printable surface. i.e there is no see through circle. Has anyone ever heard of such discs? and if they have do they know where I may find them? I'm sure i've seen them somewhere, just can't remember!
It just Seems odd that when you print your cd/rs that you often can't print all of the label onto the cd/r as loads gets missed off because of the see through bit.

Is there some kind of devide that sticks paper onto this see through circle part of the disc?

Any help would be fantastic!


  [DELETED] 20:16 23 Aug 2004

Remember that the surface of a CD or DVD is not flat towards the centre so, although you can get labels to cover the full face, quite often they don't adhere very well because of this uneven surface.

SVP do full face labels and may do full face printable CD blanks click here

  [DELETED] 20:27 23 Aug 2004

I have sat here looking at this thread for the last 15 minutes and I still don't understand what you mean. I use Discus to print to CD and DVD either direct to CD/DVD using the Epson R200 printer or on to CD label paper. I, hopefully understand that the "see through circle" you mention is the hole in the middle of the CD/DVD which obviously can't be printed on because it isn't there? If that isn't what you mean please explain a bit further. Discus can be bought from click here and (as far as I am concerned) is the best CD/DVD printing software around.

  [DELETED] 20:30 23 Aug 2004

Found some printable full-face CDs here...

click here

  [DELETED] 20:35 23 Aug 2004

At the centre of most CDs and DVDs is an unprinted, usually clear area of about 4.5cm dia. Full face printing or full face labels cover this and only leave the hole at the centre.

There is a raised ring of about 3.5cm on most discs though which prevents full face printing being 100% successful except on discs designed to be printed that way.

  [DELETED] 20:38 23 Aug 2004

I think i've confused people. sorry!

What i meant by the see through circle is the unlabelled part of the cd/r before the hole. I have an Epson R300 and one of the options is to print a cd/r label with an internal diameter of 20mm which is too small for standard printable discs as the printable paper does not cover the whole disc. The see through bit I mean is the bit with all the black printed numbers on.

What I want is a disc that looks like an album you would buy, ie the label covers the whole disc, but one I can print on my epson.


  [DELETED] 20:51 23 Aug 2004


That's what's called full-face.

Apart from printable full-face in my link, you can also get full-face labels from some suppliers.

  [DELETED] 21:01 23 Aug 2004

I have now purchased some full faced cd/rs and am very happy.

Many thanks for the help. obviously the words "full faced" were the key to me being able to find the cd/rs I wanted on a searcg engine.


  [DELETED] 21:02 23 Aug 2004

I think I understood your question correctly as well.

Pay heed to my point of many discs not being flat and have a raised ring some distance from the centre. This can mess up your printing of stick-on full face labels.

  [DELETED] 21:09 23 Aug 2004

maplins at click here have a 50 pack of such Cd's (verbatim make, 19.99 online)

I have used them very effectively

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