Printable CDR - Advantages/Disadvantages

  Muckleface 16:52 31 Aug 2003


Ive got an Epson 900 printer that has a special tray for printing direct to printable CDR (white topped).

At first I thought this was great, and went and purchased some printable CDR. But now Ive had it a while Im begininng to think its not actually so good due to the hassle of fitting the CDR printing tray (its rear access only) and the fact that if the print doesnt comeout the way that I want then I have wasted a CDR.

Does anyone else have any thoughts/opinions as to which is better/cheaper?


  pj123 17:18 31 Aug 2003

I also had doubts about that, so bought a 915 instead. I use a programme called Discus from click here absolutely brilliant. I bought a CD Label kit and buy CD labels from Choice Stationery at click here Best move I have made.

  Ironman556 17:35 31 Aug 2003

Go for a label kit, print the labels and whack it on the CD, if the label comes out wrong print another, no CD wasted.

  Muckleface 18:24 31 Aug 2003

Now, can anyone recommend the cheapest place to buy CDR labels online?


  pj123 14:21 01 Sep 2003

Yes, Choice Stationery at click here

  ptrafc 21:24 02 May 2004

but for those that are wondering, I bought an Epson R300, and it's really easy to print straight onto the disks, and I think the finished article looks better in my opinion. All you have to do is line up two arrows on the slide in tray which goes into the front of the printer, and my results have been perfect every time. You get a disk with the printer to create the disc image and it's really easy to use.
This way I save time and money on not having to buy labels and stuff, although I do have to buy special printable CD-R's (normal plain white topped discs won't work! The ink doesn't stick!). I order them off a website ( at £22 for 100, and they arrive within 3 days.

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