Print without url and page number HELP!!!

  CutNpaste 00:07 18 Feb 2005

Hi can any one tell me how to print a web page without allowing the url, the title and page number to print.

I am actually making a product for my final year project and here i am, stuck on this final part. I'm using php and on there is an extension called PECL which allows the printer function, but i really do not want to muck about with extensions.
There might ways of printing with javascript or php itself. I am researching into this , But i really need some advice.


  Pesala 02:28 18 Feb 2005

In Internet Explorer you can delete the URL or page number by removing the codes for headers and footers in Page Setup. Similar in Opera, but with Print Options.

  Michendi 10:41 19 Feb 2005

A "quick & dirty" way to print only what you require from a page is to open the page as a .pdf - eg Adobe Acrobat - and then crop the page with the very simple-to-use "Crop" tool. With a bit a practice you will get very good at printing good-looking pages.

  steve263000 12:17 19 Feb 2005

Why not just highlight the section you require, then file, print, and click print selection.

  CutNpaste 23:09 19 Feb 2005

Your absolutely on target!! And i have actually found an solution.
It's a active x control called script x, which by calling it javascript, i can actually remove the haeader and footer and hide the print buttons (so that it doesnt print it).
You can actually install this active x program on your server or call it from its creators web address.
It works flawlessly.
Heres a link if you're interested click here

Cheers guyz

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