print from windows photogallery

  Newuser3477 09:31 20 May 2010

when i try to print a photo from the windows photogallery it brings up a print/fax facilty dialog box.. I have the normal printer set a the default printer( in the control programme). How do I set the default setting in the window photogallery to find my default printer ?

  gengiscant 09:54 20 May 2010

windows photo gallery,not something I use but just had a quick look and when I click on print I get a dialog box with all my printers listed with my default printer at the top of the drop down box, so easy enough to change.
So what exactly do you want to do?

  Woolwell 10:38 20 May 2010

I find that when I click on print in Windows Photo Gallery and in the window that opens it remembers the last printer that I used rather than my default printer (I have a monochrome printer and a colour printer). This is with Vista.

  Newuser3477 18:46 20 May 2010

thanks for comments, teh dialog box that comes up is the form for sending a fax not the usual one which gengiscant referes to. If it was that i could change destination printer as you suggest. No it is defaulting to a copy printer programme with a fax suffux. Could I delete this one in the control programme/printer section or does it simply send the icon to the recycle bin?

  gengiscant 19:52 20 May 2010

I have taken a screen shot of what I get if I want to print something from windows photo gallery [IMG]click here[/IMG] As you can see I have the choice of my default printer,the laser Samsung or the Epson Or the photo printer the Canon.So it is simplicity to pick which one I want to use.
Is this not what you get?

  ^wave^ 20:01 20 May 2010

get google picasa 3 its so much better

  Newuser3477 23:09 20 May 2010

Dear geniscant. Yes I am familiar with the dialog box which you sent me, unfortunateLY this doesn't come up WHEN I click print in photogallery and I get a fax/print dialog box inviting me to enter fax numbers etc. The fax/print software is shown in my control panel/printer section but is not ticked as the default printer, the defauly printer ticked is the printer I want to use. So I need to set the photogallery programme to default to my non fax printer software but I cant find the settings or preferences box to do this. Any hope of finding this ?

  Woolwell 23:30 20 May 2010

Please confirm that it is Photo Gallery and not Live Photo Gallery and what is your OS?

  Newuser3477 08:57 22 May 2010

It is windows photogallery and not live photogallery.Pc operating system is Vista

  Woolwell 12:15 22 May 2010

I don't have your problem and cannot immediately work out what is wrong but try this. Do not open Photo Gallery. Open Pictures and choose any photo, right click on it and select print. This should open the normal dialogue box. What do you get?

  gengiscant 12:42 22 May 2010

as ^wave^ says use Picasa, problem sorted.

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