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  ponytail 13:14 13 Feb 2010

My wife has just been trying to print out her walk schedule but when she prints it the print out does not print the whole original pages.I think the pages on the web site are bigger than A4.Is it possible to reduce in size what I am going to print before I print it.Have enclosed a link to what we are trying to print.It shows only two pages but it does not fit onto two A4 sheets.Any help appreciated.

click here

  Sea Urchin 13:25 13 Feb 2010

So is this a different printout from your previous thread? Your link here prints out two A4 pages - what are you getting? What does the print preview show?

  Peter 13:33 13 Feb 2010


The document you are trying to print is a .PDF file and is probably displaying in Adobe Acrobat within Internet Explorer or whichever browser you are using.

When you click the print icon you should get an options page with a preview.

Under "Print Handling" set "Page Scaling" to "Fit to Paper" and the printed document should fit on two pages. Check that both pages look okay in the preview window before printing.


  ponytail 13:53 13 Feb 2010

The only way I can find to print it is by either clicking on the printer icon in the task bar and there I believe it shows there is too much detail to put on a A4 sheet I can also right click on the document and the result is the same.

  Sea Urchin 13:59 13 Feb 2010

As Peter has said it is a pdf document - split into two pages. The first goes as far as Sunday May 16th and the rest on page two. The print preview does look very detailed as there is a lot of text to print.

Select just one page to print and it should print out the same as the "detailed" preview you are looking at.

  ponytail 14:56 13 Feb 2010

Thanks Sea Urchin but not sure how I go about printing one page at a time.

  Peter 15:41 13 Feb 2010


When you get the print screen up check that the printer is set up to A4 paper and not American Letter size. Letter is significantly smaller than A4.


  ponytail 16:34 13 Feb 2010

Hi peter
Yes it is set up for A4 size paper

  Sea Urchin 16:38 13 Feb 2010

When you click Print the print box opens up - at the left side (usually) it will show Printing pages 1-2. Change the 1-2 to 1 and then print.

  wiz-king 16:45 13 Feb 2010

You need to use the print icon at the top of the pdfs.

  ponytail 23:11 13 Feb 2010

Hi Sea Urchin & wiz-king not sure what is meant when you say change the 1-2 to 1 and then print.
When I get as far as here I then click on click here to download the events programme.Do I then click on the printer icon at the top which I have tried but I do not see anything which says printing pages 1-2.Sorry to be a pain but could either of you explain more maybe I am missing something here.


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