Print Server Setup trouble 06:23 17 Jul 2007

Hi there, I have been haing problems getting my two printers to work through my old 3-port print server.

When you Install the port for each printer it coomes up with selecting what type of device it is. My make and model is not listed, so I have just been using 'Genet Network Card'

I have now found that, that is what is causuing me the problems. I have insalled the printer with the device type as gentetic network card. It is a 3-port print server, so using the genetic network card setting means that it only connects with the first port on the printer server.

I had a look through the device list, and could not find anything for a 3-port server. Can anyone tell me how I can put this right?

Many thanks.

  PalaeoBill 10:03 17 Jul 2007

Can you provide a little (well alot) more information please.

What is the make and model of the print server.
How is it connected to your network.
What OS are you running on your PC(s).
I don't understand what you mean by setting up the ports (on the PC or on the print server itself?)
When setting up printers on your PC(s) are you configuring as network printers, local printers through TCP/IP ports ..... 16:19 17 Jul 2007

hi PalaeoBill, Sorry for the lack of information!

It is a Chase Research I0Print+ Fast 3 port print server.
It is connected to my network via wall jacks, then a switch, and then my router.

I am running few windows xp computers, one 2000pc. However, fornow I am only trying to set it up on one windows xp computer.

For the first point there - I mean on the pc.
seccond point - local printers, and then TCP/IP ports.

Hope that is what you need to know! Sorry for the confusion and lack of info!

Many thanks.

  PalaeoBill 17:04 17 Jul 2007

I am confused as to what you were doing with a device setting of 'genetic network card' and where you were doing this. So I'm going to ignore that for now. As far as I can tell the IOPrint+ works like a standard HPJetAdmin print server, you configure it with an IP address, name the ports and then set your PC's to print to the named ports via standard TCP/IP ports. You need a bit of software to get at the IOPrint+ which is called BiAdmin.

The manual is here:
click here

The BiAdmin utility is here:
click here

You should be able to download and run the BiAdmin utility and configure the print server asigning a specific IP address to it that is acceptable to your network. You should be able to assign a specific port name to each of the three ports.

Then on each PC in turn, for each printer, add a local printer, create a port for it if one doesn't already exist, set the port to 'local TCP/IP port', click on configure port, set the port name to whichever of the three port names you want, put in the IP address of print server and select the LPR radio button. 21:05 17 Jul 2007

hummok that sounds prommising..I have'nt got time now..But will try in thr morn and post back.......thnaks

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