Print screen - how does this work??

  pcdimwit 23:08 21 Nov 2011

I have been asked for a copy invoice from a seller, I thought it would be acceptable to send as an email attachment, but the seller asked me to send a "screenshot" attachment, I dont understand what this means, I am told there is a "print screen" key on my keyboard - which there is, on my dell keyboard, called Print Screen/SysRq on the top three far right buttons on left, but how do I make a "screenshot" to attach to an email?? I have never been asked to do this before as seller tells me their programme wont allow them to open a word document attachment into which I copied and pasted the details of invoice. Have never done this before, can anyone explain what "print screen" key is and how to use it?? thanks PCDIMWIT

  pcdimwit 00:57 22 Nov 2011

thanks I am going to try that 2nd seoconsultants link when I have more time and try and take a "sreen snapshot" of a web page and then attach it to an email and see if it works, got to sleep now, something for tomorrow as I am losing concerntration now, thanks PCDIMWIT

  Ikelos 18:59 22 Nov 2011

if you do not want to read the links, press the "prt sc" then go to accesories, open paint, press paste, and there it will be, save it or send it.................

  pcdimwit 09:54 23 Nov 2011

thanks for that I managed to open a Word document and just "paste" the page which was saved by the "printscreen" button, very handy, I didnt know about this feature for years and years, this will prove very handy for sending copy invoices and pages of bank statements etc., thanks, PCDIMWIT

  BT 17:15 23 Nov 2011

Print Screen will save the whole screen.

If you hold down Alt then press Print screen it will save the current window (if its not the whole screen)

  john bunyan 18:48 23 Nov 2011

If you have W7 you can also try the snipping tool; handy if you only want part of the screen.

  pcdimwit 19:07 23 Nov 2011

I have got windows vista on this laptop, I have found it easiest to just press the "print screen" key and then either open up "" or "word" prog. and then edit in paint and paste the printscreen saved page into there - all these years and I had no idea how to use this facility!!! veryhandy for sending invoice and bank sttement copies etc., well my name after all is PCDMIWIT!!!!

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