print posters without too much quality loss?

  Andy.F. 16:21 30 Aug 2005

hello good folks.. I'm trying to find a program that will alow me to convert 9inch jpeg photos to a poster size of 36inch without too much quality loss. I use photoshop version 7 and have been unable to find a plugin, adobe or third party. I was advised to try S-Spline so I have version 2 installed...not that good as it loses just as much quality as dose enlarging and saving in photoshop... I have Ace Poster installed for the printing job but can anyone please advise of any program that may allow me to retain as much of the quality as might be possible....many many thanks to all...Andy

  roisin dubh 17:15 30 Aug 2005

Just out of interest, use phot shop a lot myself all the way through from version 2 to version 7 which I currently toy around with. What's the resolution of the 9" jpeg you are using, is it something you downloaded from the net (most of which tend to weigh in about 72-150 dpi) or is it a jpeg you took yourself. In all fairness though stretching source material four times is always going to result in a noticeable difference, even with the best enhancing software in the world. I had the same problems several years ago an as soon as you start "stretching" over 150% you start to see the difference. If your dpi is about 300 or over you can probably get near double without it looking too much of a dog although clarity will still suffer. As far as an add on program, have tried several but none were really succesful. At the end of the day (imho) they can only work with the original source material and if you're asking that material to cover 16 times its original area there just isn't the material there to plug the gaps. Sorry for sounding negative

  Andy.F. 17:25 30 Aug 2005

The pictures in question are from my digital camera.. in photoshop they show as 9inch x 6.752inch....230 pixels/inch....1553pixels x 2070 pixels. the camera is kodak 3.1 megapixel and pics taken in highest quality camera will allow

  Pesala 20:50 30 Aug 2005
  Andy.F. 21:32 30 Aug 2005

Thankyou very much Pesala. this seems like it could be a winner..can be used as a photoshop plugin as well I see..brilliant...once again, thanks to all..Andy

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