Print or Export CD/Dvd File listing?

  Roadgiant 23:00 17 Aug 2005

Can anyone suggest a programme preferabally free or reliable shareware to list file listings on Cd/Dvd's and enable them to be printed or exported to another program ie Excell/Word?
I have a lot of Cd/Dvd's some with many different files on that I would like to catalogue. The only way I can see to do this at the moment is to explore the disc and the copy the screenshot of the directory listing, obviously not ideal.My Pc is running XP Home.
Thanks as always in advance RG

  GroupFC 23:35 17 Aug 2005

Have a look at this and see if it will do what you want click here

  Roadgiant 21:23 18 Aug 2005

Thanks for the suggestion, it looked ideal, but appeared to cause problems with my PC, tried it twice with same result, it worked ok but when you closed it it seem to have problems closing down and slowed the Pc down.

  GroupFC 21:38 18 Aug 2005

I don't know why that should be - I don't have any problems with it.

Another one you could try that does a similar job (although I haven't used it myself) is click here

  Roadgiant 07:03 19 Aug 2005

Thanks for that link, seems to do what I need, think I'll stay with this one.
I can't understand why the other program was causing problems unless it was something I did, I installed it into a folder of its own in program files, it worked fine apart from when I exited it, it then sent the message asking should it send a report to M/soft about not closing down properly as well as a "Dr Watson" report.
Thanks RG

  GroupFC 09:38 19 Aug 2005

Glad you got it sorted!

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