Print odd and even pages separately

  1st spring 23:08 30 Jul 2008

Could you please tell me how do I print odd and even pages. I have Epson Stylus C64.

  Peter 23:37 30 Jul 2008


Which programme are you trying to print from?

The options to Print "All pages in range", "Odd pages" or "Even Pages" is usually shown in the Print dialogue box.


  sinbads 23:41 30 Jul 2008

this is usually in the print option under page range select pages then enteer 1,3,5,7, etc

  FatboySlim71 23:43 30 Jul 2008

After you have chosen to print you should see a window appearing which amongst other things such as print orientation (landscape portrait) you should see PAGE RANGE, under this there are ALL, PAGES, in the pages part you can specify what pages you are wanting to print, for example if there were 10 pages in total in the printout and you only wanted the first 8 pages printed, you would enter in the PAGES PART 1-8.

This is what you should see:
click here

  woodchip 23:56 30 Jul 2008

Its done in the Word Processor when you click print, Well its is in mine WordPerfect 8

  woodchip 00:07 31 Jul 2008

It also works from within my above program. Can be set to print in different orders

  woodchip 00:08 31 Jul 2008

Just had a look, After Clicking Print it comes under the Tab Two Sided Printing

  daba 22:16 31 Jul 2008

FYI : When printing double-sided with a "single-side" printer, it gets confusing how it should be done, especially if the printed output lays face-up with the first printed page at the bottom.

If your printer outputs in this way (it's common), then follow these steps to ensure the final output is correct:-

Remove any "Reverse Print Order" option selected for your printer properties. People often check this ON when using "face-up, last page at top-of-pile" printers.

Print the ODD numbered pages first, this will ensure you end up with the correct number of pages.

Pick up the printed output, and put it back in the printer feeder so that the blank side gets printed on. (Note: this blank side will always be the other side of "page 1"). Make sure the paper is set "upside-down", so that the leading edge (top of page) is the same as for the ODD pages print.

Now print the EVEN numbered pages.

The final printed document will be double-sided, and in the correct order for stapling or binding etc.

The procedure works, but if you get any misfeeds, it can screw it all up, and you'll have to start again, recovering what you can.

  1st spring 23:27 31 Jul 2008

I think I have it now. I went into File and print. I didn't have much to print so I went ahead but I will know for the next time. Thank you.

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