Print MP3 file names

  ruskle 19:56 19 Feb 2006

I have 2000 MP3 files on my HD in a directory named MP3. There are 45 files per row and 2 and a bit rows per page and therefore take up more than one screenfull. I want to print out the whole list of Titles and Artist, ( the files are all tagged) so that my wife can tick off the ones she wants me to burn onto a CD collection for her use. I have tried PrtSc abd Copy/ Paste but not had a satisfactory outcome. They need to be printed with a font size of about 10 and so they would need quite a few sheets of paper, thats not a problem.

Any suggestions?


  ruskle 19:59 19 Feb 2006

Sorry about the mistake in my post, I should have said Columns not Rows


  dogbreath1 20:15 19 Feb 2006

You can print a list direct from your hard drive in any format and as simple or comprehensive as you like using click here

When installed, it adds a right click context menu right click on MP3 and print away. You'll need to configure the application carefully to get the desired result (a bit of trial and error) but when set up the config. can be saved for when the application is next launched.

It will not print tagged data but will print individual file names if required.

Worth trying out?

  VoG II 20:17 19 Feb 2006

The MS method click here

  ruskle 20:44 19 Feb 2006

Thanks chaps,
I went the MS way and now the wife is making a list of the music she wants to listen to.

Thanks to the Advisor forum and all the people who help us.


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