Print job waiting!

  Sapins 10:46 19 Apr 2003

Hi all,
How do I get rid of a "Paused" print job that appears every time I boot up. It is a web site address from August last year! I have re-installed the driver, switched the printer off and on but I cannot get rid of it.

  TECHNODIMWIT 11:18 19 Apr 2003

have you tried msconfig, and looked in start up.

try run, msconfig, startup. look for any likley
start progs. hopfully this will clear it.


  graham√ 11:38 19 Apr 2003

Look for your printer in Control Panel, double-click to bring up 'Properties', click 'Printer', click 'cancel all documents'. That's on my set-up, yours may be a little different but that's the gist of it.

  Sapins 18:52 19 Apr 2003

TECHNODIMWIT Had a loook, nothing there!
graham√ I have done this, it clears the print job waiting but when I re-boot there it is again, it's really annoying and I wish I could get rid of it.I have found and deleted a cookie from the site, no help there, then I did a search for the file, deleted it with the same result. There must be a way to get rid of this "Print Job". short of reinstalling everything on the computer!!!
I'll keep looking and let you know if I find the solution.
Regards, Sapins

  Sapins 18:53 19 Apr 2003

Oh! I forgot, I have even spoken to Epson and they could not help.

  Cesar 11:07 20 Apr 2003

I use a Hewlett Packard Laserjet 6L, I had the same problem, I double clicked on the Printer icon and the properties and clicked on the advanced tab make sure that Printer Spooling is disabled and Print Directly to Printer is enabled.
you may have a different setup. If so go to your Printers Help File and look for Spooling.

  Sapins 18:55 29 May 2003

Still havn't got rid of this print job. If anyone can offer any more suggestions to solve this problem I would be very grateful

  Sapins 22:34 11 Jun 2003

Still havn't got rid of this print jobby eh?
Try re-installing the printer, throw it out of the house from as great a height as you can manage,do not attempt to catch it,let it hit the ground. Now, plug it in again, (you did unplug it first didn't you?) Reload drivers, paper, shotgun! and give it one more try. If this fails take all print jobs to your local store and get them to print them, at least they can have the job that will not go away. Now to the shotgun, check licence up to date, line printer up against wall, preferably someone elses and test it's ability to withstand both barrels, compatable cartridges should be up to this. Now go to Control Panel/printers/properties and check condition of neighbours wall. If the print job is still waiting you must presume the above has not worked. You must now send error messages to Epson, Microsoft, the computer maker(now out of business, so thats a waste of time) PC moderator, your neighbour,the shotgun manufacturer, and anyone who posts to this thread in the future. Sorry I cannot think of any other suggestions, at least legal and/or moral.

  Sapins 22:37 11 Jun 2003

Now, Now, Sapins, calm down or you will end up talking to yourself or worse still understanding what you are saying.

  -pops- 06:56 12 Jun 2003

Haven't seen that this has been suggested yet but it may be worth a try (nothing to lose).

With the printer all connected up and switched on, plug the plug (literally) from the back and leave it a few minutes before plugging it back in again.

This resets something in most printers which may just be the thing that needs resetting in yours.

This has worked loads of times for me for various printing problems, it may work for you.


  Sapins 13:02 12 Jun 2003

Hi Brian,
Tried your suggestion, no good I'm afraid, I had switched the printer off and on at it's switch and just before your post I deleted all cookies and the cache. I must move on, this has been driving me crazy and now it's not worth the bother. Thanks for you help.

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