Print job halts and locks print queue

  caractacus major 16:40 30 Dec 2006

Running XP wth both service packs etc. Frequently a print job of any length or coplexity will stop in the middle of printing. Print heads return to parked position and thats it. The job cannot be cleared and no other printing can be done. Only way to get out of it is to power off the printer and reboot PC. The same fault occurs no matter what printer I use (and the same printers work fine on my Laptop and whatever application (Word PPt, Micrographix draw etc). Note worthy if I tray and print the same document ect again it always stops at the same point in the print. Tried using different USB ports etc, reinstalling printer driver etc etc. Its driving me mad.

  jack 16:54 30 Dec 2006

Read up w
Windoze help file[My computer/help/ print spooler
This looks like it may be something to do with the amount of memory set aside for the job.

  caractacus major 17:06 30 Dec 2006

Thanks Jack but my copy of XP was preloaded by HP and help on my computer does not have that linkage (it takes you to an HP help centre which is a real pain to navigate and no help whatsoever.) Do you know anyway I can read the help file you suggest?

  jack 20:05 30 Dec 2006

I only know about Windoze Hrlp I'm afraid.
As you say these prop help things can be obtuse.
Why not Google yp Microsoft or Windoze Kknowledge Base
This is what Windoze Help says on the topic

Print queue overviewThe print queue shows the documents that are waiting to be printed. For each item on the list, information, such as the print status and number of pages, is provided. The following table shows the information displayed for each document in the queue.

Column Description
Document Name The file name of the document.
Status The current status of the document, such as Spooling, Paused, or Printing.
Owner The user name of the person who sent the document to the printer.
Pages The number of pages that have printed and the total number of pages in the document.
Size The size of the document in kilobytes.
Submitted The time and date that the document was sent to the printer.
Port The port being used by the printer.

If you manage a printer, you can control certain operations from the print queue. For example, you can pause or resume operation of the printer, and you can cancel printing of all documents waiting to be printed.

You can also manage documents you send to the printer. You can pause, resume, or cancel printing of a document; restart printing of a document; or you may view and change job settings, such as the priority and the person notified when the job is done. For documents waiting to print, you can view, but not change, settings such as the page orientation, paper source, and number of copies.

For more information, click Related Topics.

  caractacus major 20:53 30 Dec 2006

Thanks again Jack but the whole problem is when the printing halts it freezes the print queue so its useless - you can't pause, restart, abandon or anything . I'll have to keep on looking - anyone else out there know anything?

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