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  [email protected] 22:53 23 May 2005

Could anyone tell me the weight of paper that is used for passport size photo's.and can printed photo's be used for dive licences and otherapplications that need photo's

  pj123 23:13 23 May 2005

I use 140gsm Glossy photo paper from Choice Stationery, but they also do 180gsm.

I have not had any problems with printing and using for passports or driving licences. Just remember that both passport and driving licence photo's must now be on a white background. My passport photo is on a blue background, taken about 9 years ago. But for some reason best known to themselves the background now has to be white.

Choice Stationery is: click here

  Border Collie 23:14 23 May 2005

I recently used Epson Premium Glossy at 255g/m2 for our new passports and they were accepted.

Make sure you follow instructions regarding backgrounds and size of image within the area. You may have a 'jobsworth' dealing with yours.

  Technotiger 23:16 23 May 2005

Hi, I took and printed my own Passport photos
on 255gm glossy photo paper. Accepted without any problem. I recommend 800dpi. The background must be completely blank (not even any hint of a shadow), preferably white.

More detailed info at click here

and yes they can be used for other things like driving lic etc.


  jack 08:36 24 May 2005

The Background is critical , but paper GSM is not I suspect - I dont think original prints are used directly are they ,ar'n't they used in another copyimg process?

  shellyle 07:30 06 Jun 2006

the above combo of cropping with (link: click here) and then printing with a pro service like (link: click here) worked like a charm for me

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