print head wont clean

  clucker 20:17 15 Dec 2003

I have an Epson Stylus Color 640 which is missing lines through my prints. I have run the head clean facility & printed the nozzel check pattern & the gaps that appear are always the same. Is it possible to physically clean the head (with cotton buds?) or am I now paying the price for using compatible inks ?

  canute44 20:26 15 Dec 2003

Can one clean the heads? I get through Epson Inkjet printers at the rate of one every two years. Heads cost far more to replace than a brand new printer. Once the heads start giving trouble I look for a new printer!

  canute44 20:27 15 Dec 2003

By the way, I do use the head cleaning facility first!!

  clucker 20:28 15 Dec 2003

Thought as much, got any reccommendations

  canute44 21:06 15 Dec 2003

Depends on what you use the printer for. I use mine for colour work for my church and my daughter's school work but then I use a laser printer (Panasonic KX-P7105) for producing a magazine and everyday printing when colour is not needed. My current colour printer is an Epson(!!) Stylus Photo 1290 for the benefit of A3+, this printer is only a month or two old and seems fine except for small colour cartidge size.

  Djohn 21:13 15 Dec 2003

To give the Epson print heads a through clean, take the print settings to as high as they will go, then run the head cleaning facility 2 or 3 times. Using compatibles is not necessarily the cause as this also happens with the original cartridges. j.

  canute44 21:20 15 Dec 2003

Strangely enough I have had two Epsons pack up after long print runs about 70 - 80 prints in batches of 10 (in case anything goes wrong). No amount of cleaning revived them.

  minter 11:50 16 Dec 2003

Have just had the same problem with an Epson Color Stylus 800.

Tried everything, putting lengths of cotton material soaked in water, soaking the pads at the end of the run, syringing the inkwell holes, even purchasing a "magic cleaning fluid" (rubbish, and a waste of money), boiling water, soaking the head, even alcohol (not the sort you drink).

In the end decided that it had given me years of impeccable service, but now was the time to let it rest and go to that great big printing room in the skies.

  minter 11:53 16 Dec 2003

Have a look at click here

But do not buy the "magic fluid" it is a complete waste of money, I know I've tried it.

  Sheila-214876 14:44 16 Dec 2003

You could also go to click here and buy a set of cleaning cartridges.

  Bellboy 15:02 16 Dec 2003

Try folding a tissue or linen cloth, pour on hot water and sit the print head 0n it for 10 seconds.
This will soften crusts and draw ink out.
Having said that, I have a Lexmark which will only print black text when set at high or maximum.
Tried Lexmark helpdesk and they recommended buying a new cartridge. Guess what, same problem.

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