Print head clogged

  Don Pedro 17:08 30 Jan 2005

The print heads on my Canon BJC6500 appear to be clogged, probably due to infrequent use. I've tried deep-cleaning etc but no joy. Does anyone know of anything else I can try no matter how extreme as I'll have to sling the old cartridges and get new ones anyway.

  PA28 17:19 30 Jan 2005

Try taking the head out and holding it against a damp paper towel (toilet tissue will do as second best, just make sure it doesn't stick - kitchen towel is preferred). You may have to do this a number of times, but you've nothing to lose - normally this will eventually clear any dried ink on the head. If the ink has dried in the jets and a depp clean repeated doesn't do it, then you've only one course of action and it involves the dustbin.

  octal 17:27 30 Jan 2005

PA28 is right. I had a Xerox printer with the same problem, I tried everything to clean it, no joy, its in the bin now.

I've got an HP now were the print head is part of the cartridge, although the cartridge is more expensive, its cheaper than buying a new printer if the print head blocks.

  Dorsai 17:33 30 Jan 2005

One thing to try, and as said, you have nothing to lose, if the print heads are blocked, & the above deos not help.

Put the cart in a small pot/glass etc, so that the cart is upright, and put some water in the bottom. Use De-ionised water, so as to prevent lime scale. Use only about 2mm deep, and put cling film over the topm to stop evaporation. Let it soak.

After a day or so. put the cart in a sock, and 'spin it around your head' nozzel side outwards. Let centrifugual force clean the heads out. It might work. Do it outside, incase loads of ink suddenly lets loose. You dont want to redecorate in black spots.

  Storik 17:34 30 Jan 2005

with some success, but only on a cartridge that incorporated the print head.

Take a lint free cloth dipped in white spirit, and squeezed almost dry and gently rub print head. Leave for ten minutes or so and repeat the process several times. Place back in printer and run the head cleaning facility. No guarantee this will work, but you never know.


  Indigo 1 17:55 30 Jan 2005

I had a similar problem with my Epson printer.

click here

It is Epson specific but some of the techniques may be of use.

  Don Pedro 22:45 30 Jan 2005

Will try all of the above in order of severity and let you know how I got on. Many thanks.

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