print folder contents?

  panhandle 13:13 03 Apr 2004

How can I print, for example a list of the several hundred mp3 tracks in "My Music"? I do not want screen prints but something more legible.

  ton 13:56 03 Apr 2004

Try this H:\>dir /B /S > c:\cdlist.txt

Use the Dos prompt, Change C to the directory to be listed (in place of H above.

Make sure you put in the spaces. This will put a text file in your C drive.

  panhandle 14:06 03 Apr 2004

Tried your idea - typed carefully in "run", yes. It takes me to the file but just normal view. It does also produce a notepad file, but that isempty??

  VoG II 14:09 03 Apr 2004
  ton 14:14 03 Apr 2004

you need to use the dos prompt, look in 'Start - Programs - MS-DOS Prompt'. Open the dos prompt and type it there and it should work.

  ton 14:33 03 Apr 2004

If you are using XP the dos prompt is in 'Programs - Accessories' and is called 'Command prompt'.

  panhandle 17:01 03 Apr 2004

ton == that bit of help was needed. However I get the error message >

C:\> is not recognised as an operable command

I replaced H with C, and carefully followed the spacing. I'm on XPPro. Any more help would be appreciated, maybe I'm being stupid somewhere.

VoG == link unavailable, found it elsewhere. Unfortunately it is converting the song titles to the album title that they came from, so not exactly what I was after!

  VoG II 17:05 03 Apr 2004

The C:\> is not part of the command, it's what you should see in white letters on a black screen when you enter cmd in the Run box.

  VoG II 17:11 03 Apr 2004

Or what about click here

  panhandle 17:19 03 Apr 2004

give up on me if you wish! I won't be offended.

In the dos screen it opens with C:\Documents and Settings\User>

I'm now putting dir /B /S > c:\cdlist.txt immediately following, with that spacing. When I enter there is no context, just a new line as above?

  panhandle 18:38 03 Apr 2004

same problem. the mp3's are off the internet, P2P, and whoever I got them from must have put them on as a complete album, and I selected specific track and somewhere the album title is embedded - so thanks anyway for trying!

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