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  1973scotty 11:16 12 Jan 2005

hi i am having problems in printing a dvd cover for a multi case 6 pack. it prints ok but the size of the cover is to small foe the casw. I am using coverXp can anyone please advise me on a package that will print DVD covers for the different ize case packs please.

  ACOLYTE 11:21 12 Jan 2005

You could try click here

these have most covers and when printed usually fit the case.

  1973scotty 11:27 12 Jan 2005

Hi i have already triesd that software coverxp but how can you change the size of the covers to print. i have alreadt used that site to get my covers from. ihave even tried using xp pho finish but they still print the samre as a normal dvd case instead of the wder six pack.

  ACOLYTE 11:32 12 Jan 2005

Ok try click here install and accosiate with images only,then open the cover pic with it and select image from the list at the top then resize/resample then set the size you need,if you measure the original label you can set it exactly that size,if there is a tick in aspect ratio box untick it first.

  ACOLYTE 11:34 12 Jan 2005

Forgot to say when you have resized it save it then open it again to make sure then print it,if you have print preview you can check its position on the paper first.

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