Print Duplex (Double-sided)

  K*B 10:01 21 Jun 2010

Hello friends, I have just installed a local printer on my Vista Home Basic (OS) Compac laptop. The printer is HP Colour LaserJet CP1215.I am trying to do duplex (both sides) printing on this printer but can't see how. Can someone show me how to do double-sided printing on this Colour Laser printer? Thanx.

  retep888 10:25 21 Jun 2010

Print on both sides of the page (manual duplex)
To print on both sides of the paper, you must print the first side, turn the paper over and load it into the
tray again, and then print the second side.
1. From the Windows desktop, click Start, Settings, and then Printers (or Printers and Faxes for
some Windows versions).
2. Right-click the HP Color LaserJet CP1210 Series, and select Properties.
3. Click the Configure tab.
4. In the Paper Handling section, select Allow Manual Duplexing.
5. Click OK.
6. Open the Print dialog in the software program from which you are printing. In most programs this
is done by clicking File and then Print.
7. Select the HP Color LaserJet CP1210 Series.
8. Click Properties or Preferences. The exact option name depends on the software program from
which you are printing.
9. Click the Finishing tab.
10. Select the Print On Both Sides (Manually) check box.
11. Click OK.
12. Print side one of the document.
13. After side one has printed, remove the remaining paper from the tray and set it aside until after you
finish the manual two-sided print job.
14. Gather the printed pages, and straighten the stack.
15. Return the stack to the tray with the printed side down and the top edge toward the back of the
16. Press the Resume button to print side two.

  Marko797 12:52 21 Jun 2010

I don't know the HP printer in question, but it's usual (I believe) that a printer needs to have a duplex unit fitted (as with my Oki printer) in order to achieve auto-duplex printing. Without this unit, you will be stuck with manual paper turning.

  K*B 15:21 21 Jun 2010

Thanks retep888, but I thought this printer has automatic duplex printing where you just select "Print on Both Sides" on the "Finishing" tab, just like some other HP printers, eg 1320. In any case thanks for the procedure for this manual way of duplex printing on the HPCP1215 printer.

  retep888 16:57 21 Jun 2010

I doubt the CP1215 has auto duplex printing,not even the CP1510 series have that either,let alone the CP1210 series.

  Woolwell 17:32 21 Jun 2010

CP1215 has manual duplex only according to the HP site click here

  K*B 08:03 22 Jun 2010

Thanks friends.

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