Priniting on both sides of an A3 page on excel

  herc182 11:40 06 Dec 2007

I have a narrow table that I want to print on an A3 sheet of paper (landscape).
Rather than have half the sheet empty, how do i get the table to flow onto the other side of the A3 sheet then onto the NEXT page?
surely there is a way?


  herc182 14:23 06 Dec 2007

any ideas? thanks

  Chris the Ancient 14:47 06 Dec 2007

Not 100% sure what you are trying to achieve; but I'll take a stab.

A lot depends on the version of Excel in use!

Set up the File > Page Setup to an A3 landscape sheet.

In View > Page Preview, you can see how the page is laid out for printing. Try using that, in conjunction with the Help menu - it might turn up something.

  interzone55 15:11 06 Dec 2007

You'll need an A3 printer that can print duplex, then set the print options to print both sides of the sheet.

  herc182 15:13 06 Dec 2007

sorry. I have not been clear.
I dont want both sides of the paper printed. I want both sides of the same face printed. i.e. the left side of the sheet and the right side of the sheet.

I want the table to run down the left side then overflow onto the right side of the same sheet instead of moving onto the next page and leaving a blank space on the right side.

does that make sense?

thanks (sorry for confusion)

  johnnyrocker 15:17 06 Dec 2007

surely that can be done within print setings/options?


  Chris the Ancient 16:47 06 Dec 2007

Another possible way - but, initially, long-winded.

Use a second page of the workbook which makes a 'copy' of the original page - but laid out in the manner you wish to present the spreadsheet.

Set your File > Page Setup as an A3 page and set the option to 'Fit to:' to be 1 page tall and one page wide. Excel will then make the best fit possible.

All the above settings are as defined in Excel 2003 - other versions may vary slightly.

  Alan2 23:08 06 Dec 2007


I think I know what you are trying to do and would recommend printing the table via Word as this can easily set the data out in columns.

In Excel select the range of cells you want to print then click [copy] (ctrl + C).

Open Word – with a suitably sized document (in your case A3) – and click where you want the tabular data to start then click [paste] (ctrl + V). The data will be transferred to form a multi-page document - all down the left side.

On the Word tool bar click on the “columns” icon and swipe across the drop down figure to select the number of columns you want. The data should then automatically be transformed into those columns.

You may need to tweak things a bit to get the presentation you want but it is workable.

All the above is based on Office XP (2002).

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