Primary Partitions

  funzy 13:10 25 Jun 2003

Can Win ME have more than 1 primary Partition?
... Using Partiotion MAgic

  leo49 13:17 25 Jun 2003

You seem to be a little confused. A HDD can have up to 4 Primary Partitions[one of which will then contain the extended and logical partitions.

I suggest you read and thoroughly digest the PM manual before experimenting.

  Lone Crow 13:38 25 Jun 2003

As leo49 has said, you can have several partitions but if you want them to be bootable you'll have to restrict their sizes. There is a limit to the bootable area on a hard drive and if you create a primary partition beyond the boot limit PMagic will give you a warning that it may not be bootable. Having said that, I have one that gets this warning but still boots fine becuase it's boundary is just under the boot area limit, so allow for a little over-caution on behalf of the software! As leo49 said, you really should bone up on the manual and try to get an overview of what's what - and DO make the PM back-up disks (and BootMagic too if using that) or you may end up with an unbootable PC if all goes pear-shaped! LC.

  woodchip 13:52 25 Jun 2003

And to add, Get Drive Image Make an Image of your OS drive and then you can play to your harts content

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