Primary Master "Not Installed"

  Sheila-214876 14:50 15 Feb 2004

I have two computers, this one and another not connected to the internet. The "other" one was working fine up until Friday 13th. When I tried it on Saturday 14th there was no hard disk. The BIOS says "Not Installed". If I put it into this computer as a slave it is detected and works fine.
Put it back into it's original computer as a master and it is not detected. Is this something to do with Friday the 13th I wonder?

  Rayuk 15:18 15 Feb 2004

Does it work on the secondary ide

  LastChip 15:29 15 Feb 2004

If it's detected normally as slave, maybe it's a faulty data cable in your "spare" machine. If you have a second motherboard slot, you could try that too.

Other than that, you could go into the BIOS and auto-detect it again, to see if that helps.

As you have removed it from the machine, you will know the manufacturer. Download their diagnostic software. If you still can't get it recognized, re-fit it as slave, and run the diagnostic software, in case you have had a head crash that has resulted in this error. However, I wouldn't have expected the error message your getting, if that had been the case.

  Sheila-214876 15:53 15 Feb 2004

Rayuk. Haven't tried it on the secondary IDE but because it is the boot disk it probably won't work anyway.

LastChip. No, not the cable because I have another hard disk with only the operating system on it which is detected as primary master.

  Rayuk 18:58 15 Feb 2004

Why wouldnt it?

  Sheila-214876 10:25 16 Feb 2004

Rayuk. Don't know. I just assumed that if the disk with the operating system isn't on as a Primary Master then it wouldn't work. I will give it a go. Thanks.

  Sheila-214876 17:25 16 Feb 2004

Thanks everyone. This disk is a 40gb drive partitioned into 2 x 20gb. It appears that the boot sector on the C: partition was corrupted. I tried re-installing Win 98SE over the top but that didn't work. I have now reformatted the C: partition and, so far, it is working OK. All I have to do now is re-install all the programmes that were on it, and of course the motherboard drivers as at the moment it is only 16 colours at 640x480. Fortunately, I have all the disks to do that. So a couple more days and it should be OK. The D: partition appears to be unaffected, so I still have all my personal files, documents, photo's etc. intact, which were all backed up to CDRs anyway.

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