primary master hard disk - smart status - BAD

  brindley 23:54 31 Jul 2003

can any one help ?
I get the above when I boot up ( win 98se ) and can only continue by pressing F1 .
The PC runs OK but I have no access to the config & auto exec files in dos.
When I use a 98 start up disk I have the same problem.
I think I know what is hapening but do not know how to cure it.
I think the problem is that the SMARTDRV file has got into the primary master.
This then prevents a correct boot up , and when I use the start up disk, not all the dos files are loaded . ( If I look at the properties on the start up disk ( dos ) and my c: dos properties - Half the files are missing. }
I can not get to the smartdrv to ren it out.

Question ?
can I create a new Primary Master Hard Disk - copy the dos files from my floppy 98 start up disk - and then delete the existing corrupted Primary Hard Disk


Thanks a lot for any help

  Anonymouse 00:13 01 Aug 2003

Is your actual message "SMART status bad" ?

Followed by "backup and replace" ?

What make is the H/D ?

  Anonymouse 00:28 01 Aug 2003

This is probably a S.M.A.R.T. warning that the H/D is on the way out.

Take a look here :-

click here

S.M.A.R.T. is designed to detect upcoming failures in the hard disk drive.

While it is possible that the hard disk drive may not fail for some time it is quite possible that the hard disk drive may fail very shortly.

I recommend that if you are still under warranty that you consider getting the drive replaced before your warranty runs out.

  DieSse 00:48 01 Aug 2003

Anonymouse is quite correct - and to confirm, it has nothing to do with the dos function smartdrv.

  brindley 01:57 01 Aug 2003

thanks for that , I have looked up your hypo
and it does seem to be my problem.
Could it not be the SMART caching that ships with microsoft, and why does it ask me to press F1 on start up.
If is going ,how long have i got.
it is a Maxtor

  gregori 02:29 01 Aug 2003

Try disabling S.M.A.R.T in the BIOS. I gather that with modern HD it is no longer needed.

  DieSse 09:19 01 Aug 2003

"Try disabling S.M.A.R.T in the BIOS. I gather that with modern HD it is no longer needed."

That's only hiding the problem - It's like getting an overheating alarm and trying to cure it by switching off the temperature sensing.



It's not possible to say how long you've got - it depends on the nature of the problem. You can download a free trial of a monitoring program, which will tell you what is out of specification and by how much. It could be hours, months or years. click here

  DieSse 09:43 01 Aug 2003

"Could it not be the SMART caching that ships with microsoft, and why does it ask me to press F1 on start up"

If you posted the error message correctly, it is NOT smartdrv.

It asks you to press F1 to continue, since SMART warnings are just that - warnings, not fatal errors - and you need to be able to continue if you are to take actions about the error (backup - replace drive, for instance).

  Stuartli 09:50 01 Aug 2003

You can obtain diagnostic software at HDD manufacturers' websites free.

  brindley 22:59 03 Aug 2003

Thanks for your imput guys.
I have now found out that , if I move this hard drive to another PC ( with SMART disabled - IT WORKS OK )
I have now put in another used hard drive into my original PC and this also works OK.incidentally - I did run a check on my original HD and it was satisfactory.
I do not know how to disable the SMART part in my BIOS ( it is not listed ) .
Anyhow , I am going to quit whilst ahead and stick with the hard drive that works.
Thanks again.

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