Primary Master Hard Disk Error

  yukic42 22:42 23 Jan 2007


Everytime i turn on my computer it show me the message Primary Master Hard Disk Error, although i put a window xp cd to reboot it... it still can go into windows, n i can't reinstall the windows too... pls.. could u tell me what should i do now? wat's the problem? is it i should buy a new hard disk? now my computer totally down, i can't go into windows.. n can't do anything.. pls... tell me what to do... as soon as possible.. pls help.. thank you.

  Diodorus Siculus 06:57 24 Jan 2007

Sounds like the hard disk has failed.

When you boot with the XP CD, you should get the option to do a repair install. Is that possible?

I think it would be a good idea to get a new hard disk, install XP onto it and use the current one as a slave drive. Taht way you may be able to save your data.

When the PC is booting, do you see something like "press del to enter setup"?

If so, press the relevant key and enter the bios. What disks are on display there?

  Diodorus Siculus 06:58 24 Jan 2007

By the way, it could be the cable that has failed / come loose. Have you checked the inside of the pc that everything is securly in place? Ensure that PC is turned off and unpluggged.

  ed-0 07:08 24 Jan 2007

Enter the bois and check that all the IDE channels are on auto detect. thats

IDE primary master

IDE primary slave

IDE secondary master

IDE scondary slave

  ed-0 07:09 24 Jan 2007

Diodorus Siculus has already mentioned that.;-)

  yukic42 14:33 25 Jan 2007

when i used the xp cd to boot it... i go to repair, but repair still failed. and sometimes i can't go into the bios, sometimes it can detect my IDE primary master, sometimes it can't...

  yukic42 14:44 25 Jan 2007

when i restart my pc now, it's come out a sound 'dig dag dig dag' from hardisk, then it say primary master hard disk error, press F1 to resume! then said 'reboot and slect proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key", but when i insert a xp cd, it's can't read, then i have to restart again. sometimes it can run the cd, then inspecting and doing the setup but still failed. wat should i do?? pls...

  rodriguez 14:48 25 Jan 2007

If you have a spare hard disk that you can try, put that in before you buy a new one just to make sure. But it sounds as if the hard drive's failed. Were there any strange noises coming from the drive before this problem e.g clicking? Also if you need to buy a new hard drive, check that your motherboard can handle it's capacity. Some older boards won't recognise really big drives such as 160 or 200 GB.

  yukic42 16:28 25 Jan 2007

thanks a lot, i think the hard drive is broken down, so i have buy a new one. My motherboard is Radeon 9250, and i m just wondering to get a brand new SATA hard drive, i m not sure whether my mother can support it or not, coz the old one is IDE/ATA only, by the way, if i would like to get a brand new hard drive with 250 SATA, what do u recommend?

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