Primary and Logical partitions

  bpzoom 01:20 08 Sep 2006

Having suffered a corrupted XP Home on partition C: on drive one, I loaded a full fresh XP Home on drive 2 partition F: It is now complete. I have just realised through Partition Magic that I have loaded the fresh XP Home OS on to a logical partition F: (on drive 2) It is not a primary partition. Does that matter in the cae of XP please? I am terrified that when I delete the old corrupted XP from C: the new XP may not boot at all, as it is on a logical and not a primary partition.When I boot now it gives me the option to choose which OS to boot from. Of course I choose the new and not the corrupted OS. If I delete the corrupted OS, I am afraid in case the new XP will no longer boot from F: logical partition.

  octal 07:06 08 Sep 2006

I apologise straight away because I don't use MS Windows, but I'm just curious why you didn't re-load back over the corrupt one on C drive? I think you will be able to retain the new XP and delete the old one, but that will probably mean editing the Master Boot Record (MBR) and marking F as Primary but I'm not sure how to do that in Windows.
Sorry, I've been absolutely no help at all, but at least its pushed your thread to the top again.

  FelixTCat 07:21 08 Sep 2006


XP doesn't care where it is installed. It will quite happily run from F: However, you mustn't delete everything from C: or it will not boot - certain files are needed. You can delete any file or folder which is duplicated on F:, but not any hidden or system files on the root of C:

You can also edit boot.ini to remove the dual booting messages.



  Zeppelyn 08:17 08 Sep 2006

XP doesnt care where its installed but retain these files on C: to boot :-


these must remain on the root of C:

Personally I would run chkdsk on C: and then do a repair install of that installation.

  bpzoom 09:51 08 Sep 2006

Felix, many thanks again, I will do as you and Zeppelyn advise.Zeppelyn I originally did a repair install on the C: following Boot problems after replacing motherboard, memory and processsor without uninstalling XP. The repair install went horribly wrong and I decided to do a completely new XP Home installation on the G partition. If I had the time back I would probably do things differently.

  bpzoom 09:54 08 Sep 2006

I meant F: not G:
I have on h/d 1, C: primary partition with corrupted XP Home and E: logical partition with some data.
On h/d 2 it is D: primary with most of my data and F: logical with the new XP Home installation

  FelixTCat 11:03 08 Sep 2006


One of the reasons that your drive lettering has gone a little odd is that each of your drives has a primary partition. Windows's default lettering scheme is that it issues drive letters in the sequence:

C: - primary partition on 1st hard drive
D: - primary partition on 2nd hard drive
then other primary partitions
Next, it letters all the logical drives in the extended partition of the 1st hard drive.
Next it letters all the logical drives in the extended partition of the 2nd hard drive

If you put an additional drive into a Windows pc you do not need to have a primary partition on it - you can partition it all as an extended partition with logical drives. Thus if only the first hard drive has a primary partition, that will be the C: drive and its logical drives will be lettered next. After that, the logical drives in the extended partition of the 2nd drive will be lettered, and so on.

Finally, Windows letters removable drives (CDs/DVDs) and USB drives.

If you have a setup with drives C: and D: (logical drive) on one hard drive and then add a second hard drive with a primary partition, the primary partition on drive 2 becomes D: and drive 1 now has C: and E: (your situation I suppose).



  bpzoom 13:55 08 Sep 2006

You have my position exactly right. When I set up the drives with Partition Magic I knew more then than I remember now. I have made a note of what you said, and thanks again for all the advice.

  FelixTCat 14:00 08 Sep 2006


You're welcome.

Happy computing,


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