price please?

  Tk_RiceZ 01:15 11 Nov 2003

can anyone help me with me ict database for my coursework, has anyone got a link to find all the possible speeds of intel celeron chips above 1G and the different mobo for each new cpu??????

and also pentium 4 and AMD 64...........

any help would be very very grateful.........

  MichelleC 08:51 11 Nov 2003

This is a start click here

  siouxah1 11:21 11 Nov 2003

click here&

Try the Intel site as above.

  Tk_RiceZ 21:30 11 Nov 2003

does anyone have a site with only 1 price for each cpu speed???????? (1.4 GhZ= ££££, 1.5 ghZ- ????

  Giggle n' Bits 21:34 11 Nov 2003
  accord 21:35 11 Nov 2003

click here

you may have to do some work for your project. the site above is another link to MichelleC's link but gives prices in $ for AMD and Intel.

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