Pri Slave HDD Error

  Scooper9 19:25 24 Nov 2003

I switched on my PC a few nights back and it went to a blue screen saying it could not start due to some file/system boot up error like 00x00000000 (000x000000)and I should do "chckdsk /r". I had a spare Hard Drive so I put that in and it rebooted onto my old XP installation. This disk is FAT32 (and still is). I had my failing drive on as slave, and I could see it in device manager but nowhere else. Anyway, checkdisk ran, cleaning up errors, and now my failing harddrive works again. But now it's NTFS and Im not sure if it was before?? Can this change for no reason? Floppy disks no longer work or cannot be formatted so I have no start up disk. And I now get the message "Pri Slave HDD error press F1 to resume" when I log on. I only have the one Master drive (I've checked the jumper!) and cannot figure out why it keeps refering to this Slave drive which no longer exits?

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