Pri Master HDD Error F1 to resume

  Paroxetine 23:36 02 Jul 2003

Hi All,

I have the following that is given me a head ache, its copied from an email i sent back to the vendor, and they say that the 'fault' now no longer exists, does anyone have any clues ?

Maxtor 40gb Diamond Max Plus 8 drive model number 6E040L0.

The drive is now indicating that the device can not be found by the BIOS. The motherboard is a MSI KT4 Ultra and the two have been working satisfacority for months. The system was powered down as normal under Windows 2000 and upon rebooting the PC, the bios POST screen shows primary master as being an IDE drive (thought no details such as make or size) following by two beeps and a single beep. The screen then reports "Pri Master HDD Error F1 to resume". In short the drive is only partially detected.

So far I have tried -

Swapping the device to another working PC, only to obtain the same symptoms.

Trying to locate the MBR of the hard drive using a W98 startup disk - this failed to locate any device

Trying Windows 2000 disk set to try and replace the MBR - they failed to locate a device.

Checking for viruses using a bootable disk

Checked and reseated all cables and connections several times

Checked and repalced jumper on device.

Any suggestions warmly received as am at a loss.

Many thanks


  User-312386 08:27 03 Jul 2003

click here (the msi site) now click on the "live update2 link"

This will flash your BIOS with the latest drivers without you having to worry


  User-312386 08:28 03 Jul 2003

sorry forgot to say that a security certificate pops up, select YES


  Paroxetine 09:46 03 Jul 2003

thanks madboy, the HD is due back to me sometime soon.

Are you suggesting then that the BIOS is corrupt on both PC's that the HD was connected to? And that is is the reason for the above problem?

One of the PC has another MSI board which works fine. Just wondered why an update to the BIOS would make any difference when that was not changed altered prior to the fault occuring.

Thanks for the feedback though.


  mrdsgs 10:14 03 Jul 2003

it may be thet the master boot record on the hd is the issue.

usually this leads to a blank screen or, in W2000, "NTLDR is missing"

You can rebuild this from your W98se boot disk

boot to a: and type

sys c:

and then reboot

good luck


  Paroxetine 17:11 08 Jul 2003

hi all, will close this as its now resolved...

bit annoying as the drive came back, plugged in and first time the PC booted with a disk check and then loaded the OS. how annoying and stressed about that am I?

oh well, live and learn kids... :D

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