prezmate external hard drive not recognised

  maiden 23:26 06 Apr 2009

I have been using this 3.5" prezmate external hard drive for over a year. There is a lot of data and images stored on it.

The other day I plugged it in but my laptop, Acer 5680 with Vista premium could not recofnise it.

The mains light on the convertor is alight as is the signal light on the hard drive.

It came with a disk for windows 98 but Vista uses plug and play.

I can hear a whirring noise inside it but only when I switch on the internal fan.

Can anyone help me please to recover my files from this storage, especially my video files.


  BurrWalnut 13:28 07 Apr 2009

This may work:

Right-click Computer > Manage > Storage > Disk Management then right-click on the drive that is 'hidden' > Change Drive Letter/Paths... > select a letter from nearer the end of the alphabet > OK and the disk should show in Computer. Try another letter if it stays hidden. Also, give the partition a Volume Label to make it easier to identify.

  maiden 22:19 20 Apr 2009

Many thanks for that useful info. I now know where to go to check the other drives, should it be necessary. BUT it did not help me this time. The computer still can "see" the external drive. It is usb and in hardware detail it is not visible.

I have checked the input voltage and they are -12 and +5v so could it be the drivers or is there any way that I can get my data of it.


  phono 22:35 20 Apr 2009

Have you tried attaching the drive to another computer to see if it is recognised by it?

  maiden 20:59 26 Apr 2009

hi phono, yes I have tried it on Xp pc. The one that I have been using between both machines. p.s. a correcion to previous reply: should read The computer still cannot 'see' ...

I did notice previously that when I switched on the external drive,with both machines it took quite a while before it showed up on windows explorer.

I looks as if this drive has had it. But is there any programme that can look at the various interfaces and diagnose this problem.


  Technotiger 07:55 27 Apr 2009

Do other usb items work correctly in that same slot?

Try another usb slot.

Check that USB devices are still enabled in the BIOS.

If other usb devices are also not working, then you need to re-install all USB. Go to Devices and uninstall all USB devices. Then re-start computer and USB should be auto re-installed.

  maiden 15:56 30 Apr 2009

Thanks to all subs. I have now managed to get a app that monitors usb ports (USBview) and it shows that port not connected. This morn tok hard drive cover off. When connected power the fan made loud noise. Never heard this before, assumed fan was silent. I guess the fan has never worked and components over-heated. Have checked voltages internal and 12 and 5v. There is nothing on the output of drive.

I have read another forum help re hard drives and someone suggested taking the drive out of the case and try it inside the pc.

I have not tried this yet but can anyone give details of what to do.

I have change the dvd reader many times so have been inside the pc often. the hard drive is secured by very small diam oct screws for which i do not have shifter. i have tool set with just about every type of screw head but not this one.

I do not want to fiddle around too much inside the HD as it is very susceptable to damage.

by the way I have tried other usb devices in the ports and they all work ok. I have tried the HD in another pc and it still does not function.



  phono 21:52 30 Apr 2009

It is possible that the USB interface in the case is defective and the drive may still be okay.

If the drive is a standard 3.5 inch PATA or SATA drive you should be able to use it in your PC providing you have a spare, suitable, connection, it will all depend on what type and amount of connectors your motherboard has.

If your mobo only has PATA connectors and the drive is PATA it is straight forward, if the drive is SATA however you will need an adaptor or PCI SATA controller card.

Most, if not all, modern mobos have both types of connector so as long as you have the appropriate connector free it will again be straight forward.

Can you advise as to what connectors you have? Better still provide the make and model of the motherboard if you are unsure as to what each connector is.

See here click here and click here for examples of each connector.

  maiden 12:04 16 May 2009

Thanks for that info phono, The drive is a pata 3.5 250Gb 7200 rpm. It has descript HHD3 and USB2.0

I have spare PATA in pc or I can even take out spare cd reader.

I guess I need to remove the drive from the case and I presume that will enable me to see the PATA socket.

I guess I need to get the necessary shifter for the securing screw.

I will attempt that and advice accordingly

Mant thanks

  phono 13:57 16 May 2009

Let us know if it works.

  maiden 12:44 19 May 2009

Hi phono, I have now inserted the drive into my pc and all is well. All the data is still there.
So it looks like the USB drive has had it.

Many thanks for your advice


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