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Prevx SafeOnline

  Bald Eagle 17:03 24 Sep 2010

When my wife went online to do some banking and yes it was the genuine site she was encouraged to download this program Prevx SafeOnline to give better protection against passwords etc being hijacked. Made a restore point and downloaded and ran the program and it beggared up my emails. Firstly even though I hadn't signed off my email account I had to re enter my username and password. My emails came up and then after 10 seconds the program shut down! I was then asked to sign in again but this time it said my password was invalid!

I've removed the program and cleared out all the rubbish it left behind using Ashampoo and CCleaner. Email now works, however I've changed all my banking passwords and email accounts passwords.

Does anyone know about this program or had similar problems with it?

  Bald Eagle 17:08 24 Sep 2010

Sorry forgot to say running Vista 64 bit.

  Nontek 17:20 24 Sep 2010

PrevX and Prervx SafeOnline are genuine security programs.

I have used PrevX in that past but the SafeOnline version is fairly new.

  Nontek 17:20 24 Sep 2010

Prervx - should be Prevx .......

  rawprawn 17:29 24 Sep 2010

I also have used Prevx in the past, but not the online version. I am posting because one of my banks encourages "Rapport". I downloaded that and it messed up my computer (My friend was the same)
I suspect there are some basic conflicts, and there is really no need for any extra "Security" if you already have a good security system (Free or Paid for) on your computer.

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