previous password won't delete

  palinka 20:02 09 Jan 2005

A colleague and I have passwords to access part of a website. Something has gone wrong with his. he can still access it by typing his password into my computer (or any other), but as soon as he clicks his mouse in the password box on his own pc a row of dots appears (in the way that a password is shown)and cannot be removed. So he can't enter his password.
What could he have done to cause this? And is there a setting he can change to make the dots disappear so that he can enter his password?

  Technotiger 20:07 09 Jan 2005

Hi, you don't say what OS he has, but if he has System Restore on his pc could he not give that a try, to an earlier date when all was ok?


  jorel 20:17 09 Jan 2005

palinka, try
click here
and see if it helps any.

  palinka 20:34 09 Jan 2005

thanks, jorel, I've passed on that suggestion and wait to hear if it does the trick.
Not sure when his problem began, Technotiger, and he had various minor problems recently so I would use that as a last resort; but it's possible as his OS is XP

  Eric10 20:44 09 Jan 2005

I find that CCleaner click here tends to remove many stored passwords along with all the other rubbish it is designed to remove. It may be worth a try.

  palinka 21:03 09 Jan 2005

thanks for that one, Eric10. jorel's suggestion seems to have done the trick this time; but maybe tomorrow it will go pear-shaped again and if so I'll suggest the ccleaner route.

  Androcles 21:05 09 Jan 2005

Same problem on a friends computer palinka,turned out to be a corrupted version of Internet explorer.
Hope this helps.

  palinka 09:09 10 Jan 2005

thanks, Androcles; i'll pass that on .

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