previewing mail in Mailwasher??"safe" to do so

  end 22:14 12 Dec 2004

I have no problem with that, but, am wondering if so doing actually alerts whoever that the e mail address is "active"; reason: i seem to be attracting more spam now ;

I use win 98se and IE but NOT OE as I read my mail off the server; the Mailwasher does a grand job for me, but my previewing the "odd" messages to ensure they ARE for chuck out , am wondering if in so doing I am somehow alerting someone that the address is "active", I have no idea>>>>

I seem to be attracting more lunch-meat than is welcome on my table::(((

  VoG II 22:17 12 Dec 2004

No it doesn't tell the sender anything unless they have click here

  PhiltheFragger 22:36 12 Dec 2004

When mailwasher cane out, it was all the rage to bounce the spam back to the sender,

This had 2 problems

First, it clogged up the super highway with more crud.

secondly, the senders could tell it was a mailwasher based return message, so they knew that they had a valid Email address, these get passed on and result in even more crud.

The Rule is turn off bouncing on mailwasher

Just delete & blacklist

  end 22:39 12 Dec 2004

oh joy oh joy

probably just my luck that that is exactly what they have got;
I think I too need to use Easterners "Notice to Spammers", judging by the suggestive items I am expected to try::)))

  end 22:43 12 Dec 2004

and since when can they tell that it IS a mailwasher returned item?
and, yes, I confess I do bounce mail

OK folks , dont all have a go at once; one at a time if you please ; I"ll get my boxing gloves on ready and my hard hat::(((

  VoG II 22:46 12 Dec 2004

Delete, don't bounce. There have been many discussions about this here.

  end 19:50 20 Dec 2004

doing the F.E. "s "ticking off":)

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