Preview Pane in Outlook Express

  Sapins 15:31 04 Mar 2004

Hi all,

I read in a recent posting the you should not have the preview pane open to prevent viruses, I thought you had to open a message first to allow a virus in and the preview pane does not open a message, am I right in thinking this?



  Diodorus Siculus 15:34 04 Mar 2004

Some virus types will be activated once the email is previewed. For this reason some suggest that you should disable the preview pane.

  Sapins 15:43 04 Mar 2004

Hi anon 1 and Diodorus Siculus, thanks for you replies. I have N.A.V. which scans incoming mail, will that pick up all possible problems?

  britto 16:06 04 Mar 2004

I have preview pane turned off but if you delete a message using the delete button on the open message window it automatically opens the next unopened email,is this a flaw or is there a setting to disable it.

  Diodorus Siculus 16:19 04 Mar 2004

Sapins - NAV should pick it up for you. To be extra safe, why not change to one of the free alternative mail clients?

britto - sounds like a bug allright! I don't use OE so don't know the ins and outs of it.

  Sapins 16:31 04 Mar 2004

Thanks for all your help guys, I have had the preview pane on for the three years I have had the computer with no problems so I think I'll carry on as before.



  Stuartli 17:51 04 Mar 2004

I've never known the next e-mail to be opened if the Preview Pane is disabled when deleting, but I use the Delete button from the Tool Bar and do it whilst the suspect e-mail is highlighted.

Normally you have to double click on an e-mail to open it.


You may have got away with it for a long time but, one day.....

Wiser to heed the advice, especially as it originally came from my son about two years ago.

He's an IT support specialist for one of the UK's biggest employers and maintains just under 3,000 computers and the associated network system at his particular worksite.

Suffering a virus outbreak would very likely prove disastrous for the company involved.

  Stuartli 17:53 04 Mar 2004

If you read my details in other threads on how to read any suspect e-mails without risk you will find out how to do so - and safely.

  GaT7 18:15 04 Mar 2004

If one is using NAV with 'Scriptblocking' enabled shouldn't this block any harmful scripts from running?

  britto 18:53 04 Mar 2004

I do delete from inbox window any emails I regard as unsolicited , but do this before opening any mail that I am sure of. Running OE.6 with AVG email scanner enabled.

  britto 19:10 04 Mar 2004

Have been toying with OE 6 and if you double click to open an email from the inbox or deleted items folder then when use delete button on the open message the mail below in the list opens, even if it is one that has been blocked,so a known dodgy email could be accidentally opened without care.

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