Preventon Firewall, AOL and AOL Spyware - Any use?

  BlackSapphire 08:57 03 Sep 2004

On the new sign in screen, I get a message which says Firewall not detected, and it's probably because it's not on the drop down box which AOL recognise. I did ask live help and all they said was 'configure your own software' which is not very helpful. Has anyone else got Preventon and if so, how do you get AOL to recognise it because I have configured my software when it was installed and it recgonises AOL, but not the other way round.

Also, since I last updated my AOL spyware on 28th August last, it always finds one particualr piece of spyware which it didn't find before then and I'm convinced this spyware must have come in on the back of the update, it's the only logical explanation - it's a real nuisance because I clear it, remove it (or so I think) and yet it's there again when I run the second check.

  Shas 09:37 03 Sep 2004

Can't offer much help except to say that I installed Sygate Firewall yesterday and didn't do anything to make AOL recognise it. When I signed on this morning I noticed that the panel had changed from saying none detected to firewall detected.

As for the Spyware bit, I think there must be something wrong with that on my particular software because if I try to run it nothing happens, so I've given up on that one. :o)

  bertiecharlie 10:10 03 Sep 2004

Black Sapphire.

If your AOL Spyware Protection programme is detecting Gator, its a false positive.

  BlackSapphire 10:25 03 Sep 2004

Yepo, it is Gator and it's a nuisance.

  BlackSapphire 10:26 03 Sep 2004

Yepo, it is Gator and it's a nuisance.

  Diemmess 10:28 03 Sep 2004

Having recently upgraded to BB with Aol, I asked if it was OK to ignore Aol's freebies and continue to use the programs that I was used to using, AVG, ZoneAlarm and Spybot.

Aol's answer was Yes.

To use their stuff is a matter of requesting downloads. I think you may have items which have crept in out of the woodwork unbidden! ........If so I suggest you uninstall whatever you don't trust and load whatever you are happy to use

What did trouble me for a few days was the persistent popup of some spyware claiming my computer was infected and download our remedy OK ?? ........ NOT OK and the remedy for that was to block popups using the wee tab at the bottom right of the Aol page.

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