Preventing images from being copied from a website

  The Belarussian Mafia 18:21 15 Jul 2003

I have been given permission to use copyrighted images for my website, but I need to prevent them from being copied from the site by others. I recently came across a site that has the following feature: when you right-click an image, instead of getting a "save as" option, a window appears that says "Image copyright...". This would be a good solution. Can anyone tell me how to do it, or something similar?

  AndySD 18:27 15 Jul 2003

click here no right click

  The Belarussian Mafia 18:46 15 Jul 2003

Thanks for the exact link I was looking for. From the right-up on that site, this method of securing images is easily circumvented. Is there anything else which is more secure (short of the rigmerole of having to get a licence to watermark the images?)

  Sam Witch 18:51 15 Jul 2003

No right click scripts work only if the user has javascript enabled on their system.

once an image is displayed on a screen the user only has to go to their cache and get the image.

if you dont want anyone to use your image then only use thumbnails or there are commercial image distortion programs which place copyright watermarks in the image which only show up when copied.

  The Belarussian Mafia 19:02 15 Jul 2003

Again this is helpful advice. I'll have a search for the kind of programme you mention. Meantime please let me know of any you could suggest/recommend!

Спасибо большое...

  AndySD 07:45 16 Jul 2003

There is no surefire way to do this.... watermarking is the best option or using your image manipulation software make the picture as low res as possable (makes printing and reuse less viable)then make sure you have a copyright notice like the one below on your website.

  hoverman 08:22 16 Jul 2003

Another way that pictures can be copied, in Windows XP that is, is to hover the mouse over the image and select save from the four options which pop up. This appears to work with images that are protected from saving with a right click. No doubt those more knowledeable than I can tell us if this can be disabled to stop copyright infringement.

  as400man 08:24 16 Jul 2003

I see many laptops advertised as having a TFT screen. Is this in fact an LCD screen like mine or do modern laptops use a new screen technology and am I missing out on something?

You would be better off starting a new thread...

  Jester2K II 08:30 16 Jul 2003

One of the most basic methods is to disable right click as discussed.

However you could also put clear images over the to of all the graphics. That way any right click would down load the top clear graphic and not the copyright one underneath.

Its very difficult to the point that even if you managed to stop right clicking it wouldn't take 10 seconds to get the source code of the website and then extract the URLs to the graphics. Slap the URLs into a downloading program and someones got them again.

Either watermark the originals or use very low res versions.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 08:57 16 Jul 2003

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