Preventing the closure of an application!

  HighTower 18:12 04 Jun 2003

I do some work for a small business and look after their network and email system. My problem is that their mail server is also used as a workstation. Technically there is no problem with this, it all works very well. The only issue is that the staff keep accidentally closing the program which sends and receives mail on a schedule, therefore email stops and I get a telephone call!

Does anybody know of a software application or technique that will allow me to disable the closing of a specific program, unless you put a password in or something.

It probably doesn't exist but I live in hope!

Thanks all.

  Pesala 18:33 04 Jun 2003

Short of staff incentive schemes or threats of redundancy, how about using task scheduler to run the email program. I am not sure if this will work, but there are options to run the program daily. Then you can repeat the task every 30 minutes and run it for 29 minutes. If someone closes it, it will soon run again. I guess you could run it every 20 minutes for five minutes if that is enough to do its work.

Another solution might be to hide the running task from users. Some programs have the option to hide the system tray icon.

  wee eddie 20:35 04 Jun 2003

They would soon find it cheaper to have an extra workstation, or a stand alone mail-server

  HighTower 09:18 05 Jun 2003

Thanks for your advice folks, my hourly rate has just trebled with an additional 40% fee if people are being stoopid!

Thanks a lot.

  wee eddie 15:46 05 Jun 2003

Until those that actually know what they are talking about have had a chance to input their thoughts.

I include myself as among those whose lack of knowledge is pitiful, but growing!

  Gaz 25 16:04 05 Jun 2003

Create a message on the desktop saying not to close the mail program, not doing so will prevent e-mail services, then set it to hide along in the taskbar.

  HighTower 18:24 05 Jun 2003

Thanks for your post. The OS is Windows 2000, how would I start the program as a service?

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