Prevent my emails being read on IT network

  je-haz 22:53 10 Nov 2008


I use my own email account (Imap) at work, but I am concerned that the IT team are reading private emails.

Is there any way to prevent this?

I have ticked the TLS box setting for IMAP/SMTP.
I'm not sure if my server supports this, but it still works

Unfortunaly, one of my email accounts wont work if I tick the TLS or SSL box. So does this mean the emails can be read? Is my other account where I have ticked TLS secure?


  mgmcc 11:41 11 Nov 2008

Are you sending via work's SMTP server or your own ISP's? If it is work's then there may well be log files in which your messages could be read if someone with access to the logs was intent on doing so.

With your own ISP's SMTP server (which would probably need to support SMTP Authentication to use with a different internet connection), there shouldn't be a record that work could access.

As you're using IMAP with which the messages remain on the mail server, incoming mail shouldn't be accessible by "unwanted guests".

  je-haz 08:35 12 Nov 2008

Im using IMAP with my own SMTP.

However, I have a feeling that the IT team know how to evesdrop.

I heard that email is not secure, and one of the IT guys made a comment that suggested he had read one of my emails.

Is this possible?

  mgmcc 08:59 12 Nov 2008

If you are using work's internet connection, then there is always the risk that they can eavesdrop on your traffic. They may even have software to do this.

Either run your private email *TOTALLY* independently from work's systems or have a look at email encryption. This might be of interest click here

  Tech Guy 21:05 12 Nov 2008

Any packet that enters the company network belongs to the company and they have a right to view it.

I know what you are going to say, it's a private email.

As mgmcc states, view at home or look into encryption. If you start to encrypt them - you could get the attention of the sys admin very quickly! If you do start to encrypt don't brag to the IT guys - we like nothing more than a challenge.

  LastChip 22:01 12 Nov 2008

It's so simple, it's embarrassing!

I note you're running two threads on this. Please see my reply on the other one.

But, take notice of Tech Guy. It is extremely unlikely you have permission to encrypt emails within a company environment and if your company's policy prohibits it, could face disciplinary action if you attempt it. Be warned.

All you can do, is encourage them to introduce encryption, which in my view, is no longer an option. It should be mandatory within a company environment.

Far too much data (much of it sensitive) has been lost by companies and government, the effect of which would have been mitigated in most instances, had the data been encrypted.

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