Prevent DVD?CD buring on a desktop?

  Rabi 01:23 18 May 2006

Hi again,

We are in the mission field doing missionary work.
We just installed a LAN network with 11 PC's. Working fine.

All the PC's, which were a donation, are brand-new, well-specced PC's. They came with DVD burners, or Combo drives. This is welcome, but school has a policy about downloading stuff from the internet and making copies. They want to stop pupils from burning discs, unless they have permission from class teacher etc.

Is there (free) software that would control the access to the DVD/CD writer burning functions? They can have access to play, but not to burn?

Looking forward to any and all help with this.

Thanks you

  Gongoozler 07:34 18 May 2006

Can you make the burning software accessible only to the administrator account? A simpler method that would give some control would be to remove any shortcuts to the burning program, which would then only be accessible via the exe file, but that wouldn't prevent access to any computer savvy students. You could, of course, remove the burning program altogether.

  Rabi 08:45 18 May 2006

Thank you,

How do I make the burning software accessible to the Administrator account only? And how do I prevent anyone from downloading new burning software?

Even if, with assistance from this forum I can do the above ... can't windows explorer burn software?? Since Windows Explorer is accessible to all, doesn't that mean that a file can be exported from there to the CD Writer?

Sorry, I need assistance!

  Gongoozler 09:06 18 May 2006

This tells you how to disable the XP cd burning utility click here

I think the only way to 100% prevent cd burning is to remove the cd burners and replace them with read only drives.

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