Preserving writing on closing website

  Laurence WM 23:02 17 Jul 2013

I have a lot of writing on a website, run by a friend, that is closing down. What, please, is the best way to preserve my writing, preferably to transfer it to somewhere else on the web (without having to pay)?

Thanks very much indeed, Laurence

  wiz-king 05:36 18 Jul 2013

I presume you have the original files? If not then copy them to your computer. Then open a blog at Wordpress or start your own website and put them on there.

  spuds 13:46 18 Jul 2013

If you are not sure, then I suggest you put "transferring contents from websites" into a Google search box, and that will show various ways of doing the job you are seeking to do.

There are a number of references to YouTube video tutorials, but for some reason my Abode FlashPlayer doesn't seem to want to work on some YouTube video's, so I am unable to provide direct links. Just give it a try yourself?.

  Laurence WM 14:16 18 Jul 2013


Thanks. I don't have word files as I wrote directly on to site. I could just copy and paste everything from the site on to a blog, yes. This would take ages, though. I am hoping for a quicker and neater way.

Cheers, Laurence

  Laurence WM 14:17 18 Jul 2013


Thanks a lot. Plenty of advice here to research.

If any reader's got any tips from personal experience I'd be interested to hear.

Cheers, Laurence

  lotvic 15:34 18 Jul 2013

To make a copy of a webpage to keep on the harddrive of your pc you could (this is using Firefox browser) click on 'File', 'Save Page As', and choose save as 'Web Page Complete'

You would have to save each page that you wanted a copy of but having a copies of the pages would give you time to sort out the blog to paste content into or whatever you eventually decide on.

  wee eddie 15:42 18 Jul 2013

I would only add one difference to the strategy that lotvic has suggested.

If you scroll down the 'Options' to the last one, you are able to save as a 'Text File'. This would allow you to easily Edit-Out all the other dross when the time came to do so.

  lotvic 17:47 18 Jul 2013

wee eddie, I wouldn't advise that... try it and see what you end up with 8-O

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