Premium rate numbers!! grrrr!

  Fanianni 15:08 27 Apr 2004

Hi to any1 that reads this.
I was hoping some1 could give me some advise on whats best to do about these premium rate dial up numbers that I keep gettin on my phone bill,
Is there anything i can do or download to stop it or maybe theres a tool that can warn me coz my firewall dosen't!!
Im on NTL anytime dial-up my windows is XP pro,
Ive already asked NTL if they can put a bar on the my phone line for premium no's but unfortunately they can't, which i think would solve this problem!
Thanx to any1 who has the answer

  byfordr 15:13 27 Apr 2004

click here in german installs in english. Lots of posts on it, do a quick search

  keith-236785 15:36 27 Apr 2004

before you log onto the internet, check that you have no dialers in your "Dial up Networking" forlder

double click My compter/dial up networking

and delete any dial up connections that YOU havent set up, unless you use more than NTL, just delete all others. if you keep another for backup, leave that one as well.

  byfordr 15:47 27 Apr 2004

click here try this thread. Run spybot and adaware, should help to remove any nasties...


  Fanianni 15:49 27 Apr 2004

Thank you i'll give it a go and i manage to translate it, my mums german!
let u know if it works
With regards

  pj123 15:55 27 Apr 2004

That seems strange to me. I am on NTL and they have barred all premium rate numbers on my phone line. Did they give you a reason why they can't bar them?

  mammak 16:02 27 Apr 2004

I must agree with pj123' on this i am with BT
but never the less surely it a matter of the customer's request as to what they wish on their bill regarding this type of thing.Regards Mammak
PS. pity we couldnt request no VAT lol.

  Gongoozler 16:21 27 Apr 2004

Am I right in thinking that broadband is safe from diallers? If I'm right it makes my changing to Tiscali 150k an even better move than I thought. I've removed the telephone cable from my dial-up modem, and I'll plug it in only if I want to access my dial-up ISP.

  pj123 16:31 27 Apr 2004

Yes, generally broadband cannot be dialled out on. But if you still have an analogue modem installed it could be a way in. I am on broadband but I still have an analogue modem installed which I only use for sending faxes. Your solution is the way to go. I only plug my modem in when I want to send a fax, and I am not on the Internet.

  TBH1 16:50 27 Apr 2004

If your on ntl via a bt phone line, then your modem does not need to go through your ntl smartbox therefore directly to your BT line. BT will barr these premium rate number for nothing - -whereas ntl, I believe can barr them but at a cost. I have recently gone broadband and although there are times I need to use modem for work, I usually have this physically disconnected when not in use.

  citadel 18:11 27 Apr 2004

If you are with BT you can have a look at your phone bill online. It shows the cost of calls since your last bill.

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