Premium rate dialer Icon I can't remove

  breni 09:21 29 Jun 2004

A preium rate dialer Icon appeared on my desktop I have run adaware but it's still there.When I rigth click and go to properties and click Find Target.. under System 32 an icon called RUNDLL32 is highlighted which I guess is the offending icon program? I tried to delete it but an error messgae'The file c\windows\system32\rundll32exe' is protected and can not be selected.

Any ideas
ps i'm on broad band and now fear that I will have been charged preium rate calls for the time I been logged on ,would this be so?

  Diodorus Siculus 09:23 29 Jun 2004

If you are on BB, it is best to unplug the modem cable. click here
SpyBotS&D click here
CWS click here
A² Are any of these any help?

  breni 09:36 29 Jun 2004

Does this only effect modem's or are broadband users liable to high phone bills as well.

Should I disable my system restore before I run one of these A2 type programmes and if so can some one direct me to a thread that shows me how to do it.
My OS is XP

  johnnyrocker 09:42 29 Jun 2004

system restore right click my computer/properties/system restore/tick


  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:20 29 Jun 2004

Premium dialers will not affect Bb users assumiong that they have not kept their old modem connected.


  stlucia 12:53 29 Jun 2004

If a dialler tries to activate a still-connected dial-up modem, won't the user hear the beeps and hisses? Or can the diallers mute the modem sound?

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