Premium Numbers!!

  goll_y 13:34 22 Aug 2004

Spoke to one of my friends yesterday who uses Tesco as an ISP (has dial up). He got a bill from BT for £130 - £100 of which was for premium rate numbers from his computer. He was not aware that it was dialing into a premium number.

What can he do as he obviously doesn't want to have to pay this?

Also what can he/I (I am also on Dial up with Wanadoo) to protect his computer. I've got Zone Alarm Pro, Adaware and AVG. Is there anything else that would be useful to protect me/him against this.

By the way all he had was using the Windows XP Firewall.

  rawprawn 13:38 22 Aug 2004

Tools/Internet Options/Connections/ tick Never Dial a Connection. But I think your friend will have to pay.

  [DELETED] 13:46 22 Aug 2004

BT will bar all calls to Premium rate lines for you if you ask but I think that you have to pay for the service (still be cheaper than £100+ per quarter).

I agree with rawprawn though in the action that he suggests and that your friend will probably have to pay for the calls that have already been made.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:46 22 Aug 2004

Install Zone Alarm and aaaware +

Spybot S&D click here
Spywareblaster click here

all work well together to stop diallers and spyware don, forget to keep updated.

  Graham ® 13:46 22 Aug 2004

click here

Premium rate watchdog click here

  Zak 14:43 22 Aug 2004

Have look at the link where you will find further information as well as the link for free download of this freeware software:

click here

At least you and your friend will be protected for the future once you instal the antidialer.

  JayDay 14:57 22 Aug 2004

If it is an option switch to Broadband (dialers won't work with a BB connection). Failing that Easterner's answer is probably the best.

Premiium Watchdog has no teeth, although I understand this may change.

I think your friend will have to stump up.

  Graham ® 15:23 22 Aug 2004

ICSTIS no teeth? click here

  JayDay 15:27 22 Aug 2004

Sorry I meant getting your money back.

  Graham ® 15:36 22 Aug 2004

I can see cases of refunds and redress.

  rawprawn 15:38 22 Aug 2004

As far as I am aware you must select never dial a connection. It doesn't matter what number you are dialling, all that will happen is when you hit Internet Explorer instead of just dialling out it will show you what your connection is and you then have to press dial manually.It's a bit of a nuisance but it means that no program on your computer can dial, the downside is if you have any programs that update automatically they can't.

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