Premium Number Dial up users Beware.

  jonnytub 13:25 27 Jul 2004

Recently i read that "Bt is finally going to do something about premium rate dial up numbers. Most of these become installed through a virus infection however there this is not always the case. A reader of another magazine sent a letter in to them explaining that "she lives on the norfolk coast, so quite a bit out of it, and she was woken one morning by intermittent ringing from her phone as though it was being tapped. She rang bt who promptly fixed a suspected fault. A few days later the ladies bill arrived and she realised she had become th victim of a premium rate number scam, along with two others in her village on the same night. Bt told her it was her computer and she would have to pay the bill, she was not happy and with others in her village she asked bt to investigate. Bt did and found that the calls were not made from her home and subsequentlty didn't have to pay. When one of the nearby phone lines was inspected it was found to be damaged. It appears from further evidence from other small villages in east anglia that this is a money making scam.

So the moral of the story is, if you fall victim to one of these bills, check it out first before you are told to pay up, it's east anglia now but where will they strike next ?

  jonnytub 13:31 27 Jul 2004

i posted this not to scare monger but to make sure if ever anyone falls into this trap, query it with your phone provider, don't just cough up, dig your heels in a bit!!, bt and the likes should be doing more to prevent this kind of "infection" as well as pc users.

There, I've had my say i'm off for a coffee

  jonnytub 14:46 27 Jul 2004

it seems that hacking from a pc isn't good enough for these folk anymore, they have to resort to scaling telegraph poles, lol :-)

  david.h 16:12 27 Jul 2004

bt engineers sometimes sell junction box keys. you open up a junction box pick a line at random click in a handset make premium calls and the poor punter gets the bill

  ventanas 16:47 27 Jul 2004

Thanks for this. I'm stuck on dialup at home and so have every bit of protection you can think of. But this is something else altogether. I think I'll take crx1600's advice tomorrow, and block them with BT.

  Graham ® 17:00 27 Jul 2004

There is another aspect to this that you should be aware of. Anyone can set up a premium rate number, then tap into a line, either in a junction box or a box outside a block of flats. Keep dialling their number, nice little earner.

BT is well aware of this, but keep a look out for wires that are out of place.

  jonnytub 17:32 27 Jul 2004

crx's advice is needless to say the best way forward, just note that if you ring international numbers and are worried about not getting through due to the bar, you can request a password that is unique to you and will allow the dialling of premium rate numbers.

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