premium to basic vista, does it help

  jade25 11:20 06 Aug 2007

Been reading a lot about not enough ram on some computers that are on vista.
Mine is new , has 1GB and some people say change down to basic.
How do you do it and is it any good or should l wait for udate, been told is around in two weeks.
Problems are freezing screen, spybot search and destroy problem, text problem, text in a list is fallng behind next one and some text is printing over top of other so can't read it.
Am thinking of getting a XP again but hardly anywhere on web in UK sells them, Dell PC World seem to be only ones and am not touching either,

  €dstowe 11:27 06 Aug 2007

Why not increase the RAM?

Almost all computers allow this and it's probably the best way of improving performance.

  johnnyrocker 11:30 06 Aug 2007

if you have a wheel mouse what happens to the print if you hold ctrl and scroll with the mouse?


  jade25 11:50 06 Aug 2007

It isn't when typying, its mostly when your on a website with menue list at left side, they look if they have slid down and you just see the top part.

I was thinking about getting ram but was told its difficult for vista, what is a problem is getting someone out to do it as l have rsd so can't manage it. If its easy coud get my son to do it when he gets back.Were is the best place to order online. What was said was 1gb of ram when it comes from factory is ok but vista premium l have uses it up before you put stuff on.

  cream. 12:42 06 Aug 2007

Is the computer a shop bought machine, tower system or laptop?

If it is shop bought what is the manufacturers name and the model of the computer.

  lotvic 22:17 06 Aug 2007

When you are on a website do what johnnyrocker said:

Hold down the Ctrl button on your keyboard and scroll the wheel on your mouse

When I do that it alters the size of the text on the webpage

the text goes small if I scroll the wheel forwards

When I scroll the wheel backwards the text goes big and gets mixed up - words on top of each other and the side bits of webpage slide down and are only half there -

remember you have to keep the Ctrl button on keyboard pressed down when you do it

  jade25 22:45 06 Aug 2007

yes did that as l alter text like that or using ctrl and + but what it is that on some websites you have a list on left side of products and from the top hey slip down behind the lower one and you only see the tops so when l have shopped like that its guesswork.
Then on newsletters like the one from here if there is a different colour text it goes on top of the other one and its mostly at the start of the newsletter, very hard to explain. It is more at sites were you get hmtl code for feeds to go on your blog and it shows you a list of blog providers in the middle and luckly l see the top of blogger.
Will be in Lincoln tomorrow but will check late tomorrow,
Thanks again

  [email protected] 23:17 06 Aug 2007

i have read your other threads and i dont think the problems are memory related. you really shouldnt be having so many problems with a brand new pc, i would advise trying to speak with the supplier, im not vistas biggest fan but have never had problems with basic operation and wweb surfing (ok a couple!) but no freezing issues or anything more than niggles, and i have tried it with various ram configurations, 1 to 2 gb slightly increases games perfomance and loading times and anuthing more makes no diffence that i can find at all.
What seems to catch most out is if they have 1 gig of ram with onboard graphics, i think with 1 gig or ram AND a seperate graphics card should run most things fine, vista does everything in slow motion to look smooth not something i like but thats just how it is.
contact your retailer and be polite but firm they should be able to help you after all you paid your money to them.

  ArrGee 01:36 07 Aug 2007

I had the same problem and did this...hope it works for you:

Check that you have all the latest drivers for all your hardware and download them. If they are as zip files, extract them using this:

click here

Run Driver Cleaner Pro from this site (free)

click here

Go to the device manager and update all your drivers.

If all is OK, set a restore point!

  jade25 13:23 08 Aug 2007

sorry l didn't get back, was away.
The screen freezing l have had with this pc seems to be a common problem with a lot that had the last update and have my computer, its packhard bell from pc world and it cost me £26.70 in phone bill with three days phoning and last thing they said was we are only call centr's and are only trained to sell things.
I went to tech guys that said l need to go back to vista basic as 1gb of ram is no good for premium media edtion.

Since l took administration of have had no more freezing , also took programs off l do not use.
But what l am bothered about is spybot telling it finds 59 spyware everytime you scan I was then advised to use spywaare blaster which found over 1,000 traces of spyware which l am glad about but is this amount bad for the pc.
Also spyware blaster just stops spyware not getting in, is there another spyware program that l could use with them just in case any do get in, tried super spyware but it won't work with vista it told me after l had downloaded it or is it best to wait for the update in two weeks for vista.

Also if this pc gets worse and l can aford another , were is the best place online to get a reasonable priced XP.

  [email protected] 14:29 08 Aug 2007

they did, im presuming sell you the pc with that operating system? i would find a local pc shop and take their advice, as in my experience the tech guys advice has been rather misleading, and usually involves spending money.
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