Premier Crashes & Slow PC - Too Many Processes?

  gplatt2000 20:34 08 Mar 2003

Hi! Over the past few days my computer seems to have startted running much slower than usual, and always 'thinking' - HD light nearly always on + lots of noises. Also, Adobe Premiere shuts itself down every ten minutes coming up with 'send error report' message. I have also notived, after pressing CTRL ALT DEL that 33 processes are running - this sounds a lot - is it usual? One more prolem also - when Windows starts up there is something demanding an internet connection - how do I find out what this is? Could all these problems be related - they have all started about the same time????
Thanks a lot in advance, gavin.

  graham 20:41 08 Mar 2003

Look at applications, not processes. Do you have anti-virus et-al installed and running, and up to date? Sounds like you've caught something.

  gplatt2000 20:46 08 Mar 2003

Norton Antivirus is running, always updated and did full system scan finding nothing. So it doesn't matter that I have alot of processes goping?
Also, is there a way to find out what these processes are actually doing (or is that a stupid question??)? Thanks a lot.

  graham 20:58 08 Mar 2003

When I looked just now I had 41 processes running, it's just the comp doing it's thing. It is still possible you have a trojan or spyware that's sneaked in. I will leave it to others to point you in the right direction.

  gplatt2000 18:16 09 Mar 2003

Anybody? Please help. How do I find out if i have a trojan or spyware???? Thanks a lot!

  AndySD 18:25 09 Mar 2003

Windows XP processes click here

and go Start/Run type in


and choose the startup tab use the list click here and untick anything Not Required

Trojans ... click here the Cleaner will tell you.

Spyware click here spybot

  gplatt2000 16:23 11 Mar 2003

Thanks alot everyone!!! Stopped a lot of unneeded things going and Premiere has now stopped crashing. Thankyou. But does anybody know how to find what is demanding the internet connection on startup?? Thnks again.

  graham 17:37 11 Mar 2003

Use ctrl alt del to see what applications are running. Lots of programs can access the net unless you tell them not to. If you instal the free ZoneAlarm from click here

it will tell you the program.

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